Tall Ships to Dock in Port Orchard

Tall Ships to Dock in Port Orchard
Port Orchard will be host to 17 “Tall Ships” July 1 and 2. The ships are part of the 28 sailing vessels participating in this year’s Tall Ships festival in Tacoma on July 3-7.
These magnificent sailing vessels will stop overnight in the city of Port Orchard at the Port Orchard Marina on their way to Tacoma. They will arrive at the marina during the day on July 1 and will depart on July 2. Although the ships will not be open to visitors during their stay in Port Orchard, the marina docks will be open to the public daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the public will be able to view the ships up-close.
To learn more, visit Tall Ships Tacoma at the Web site.

2 thoughts on “Tall Ships to Dock in Port Orchard

  1. On behalf of one of the Tall Ships that have taken part in these events, I strongly recommend getting down to witness the specactle. Even better see if you can get to sail on one of these ships – the more authentic the better! Sadly Tallship Soren Larsen will not be there this time – we’re sailing from Tahiti across to Fiji and Vanuatu at the moment…

  2. Very cool. It’s sounds like fun.

    We’re grateful for the opportunity to view these beautiful ships.

    Smooth sailing.

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