In Defense of South Kitsap

Another code item, another South Kitsap Dateline.

This one hasn’t been up half an hour and already the comments are starting.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for the 24-year-old driver of a Honda who is believed to have been intoxicated and traveling more than 100 miles per hour, “hill jumping” on Harper Road before crashing into a home’s garage on Saturday.

The sheriff’s office supplied a photo of the alleged offender walking away from the scene.

The first comment on the story, by “scruver,” accuses the man of “the crime of going shirtless while sporting a gigantic beer belly.”

No doubt this story, like other Kitsap Sun code items will be fodder for more of the same tongue in cheek commentary on human foibles in Kitsap.

As I jokingly suggested in an earlier blog
, it does seem like a disproportionate number of Code 911 items, especially the somewhat “out there” ones, do have that familiar South Kitsap dateline.

From the looks of it, South Kitsap is the land of mullet sporting (not that I personally have anything against mullets), gun slinging, beer-bellied wackos.

Sure there was the person in Bremerton who got in trouble trying to unload his shotgun (apparently by firing it at the wall) while under the influence. Even then, one commenter speculated the alleged offender might be related to the person we in newsroom shorthand refer to as Lugnut Man.

SK, we have a lot to live down. My theory, and I’m sticking by it, is we are such a large geographical area that there is a statistically greater chance that offbeat things will happen there than in other areas of the county. Look, as I mentioned in another blog entry about an umbrella drill team determined to “bring it on” against a bunch of book cart-wielding librarians – librarians for goodness sake – I love my beat especially because of its quirkiness. I endorse quirkiness. (I do not endorse criminal quirkiness or quirkiness that becomes a danger to oneself or others.)

So help me out here people of SK. Help me explain why our neck of the woods features so prominently in the Kitsap Sun’s Code 911.

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