Mullets in SK and Tattoos in Unexpected Places


You’ll be happy to know I had a nice relaxing weekend … maybe a little too relaxing. Shame on me, I was out of town and didn’t check the Kitsap Sun Web site all weekend. So I was out of the loop when I came into work this morning, and the chatter was all about the mullet story (a Code 911 item). You’ve probably read it by now – some guy wanted to party, even brought his own beer, but was, alas unwanted by the hosts in question.

Somehow, I had the sneaking suspicion it was South Kitsap item, and sure enough, there was the SK dateline … ah, ha, mine!

The comments ran along the lines of this, from “k3my84”:
Anyone with a mullet has either just, or is about to commit a crime. Even if that crime is simply sporting a hair-do that’s 20 years past it’s prime.

“Scabby” thoughtfully sent the link to I checked it out … good stuff (if offensive in some instances); see “mullet matrimony” under pictures.

It seems some people are obsessed with “mullet hunting” which is outlined in frightening detail at We obviously need to do some mullet hunting of our own, so send in those incriminating pix past or present.

Now about the tattoos, I was doing an interview last week with H.F. “Chip” Faver, Kitsap County’s director of Parks and Recreation. It being casual Thursday, Chip was wearing a T-shirt, and I happened to notice his tattoo. It’s a “screaming” American eagle, in red, white and blue, stretched out to encircle his right bicep.
“I’m in between motorcycles,” Faver explained.

Any other body art in unexpected places we need to know about? Send a jpg (keep it clean).

Thank you.


Note: I updated this blog at 6 p.m. Monday to give a plug for a local mullet hunt. The story has grown wings unlike anything seen around here since the Code 911 item about the person we in the newsroom refer to in shorthand as Lugnut Man. He was also from South Kitsap. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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