Delilah Holds Court in Downtown PO

Radio personality and South Kitsap resident Delilah, aka Delilah Rene, signed autographs and rubbed shoulders with fans Saturday in downtown Port Orchard during a two hour live broadcast by her local affiliate WARM 106.9 FM.

Delilah, second from left, reacts to a few creative additions daughter Blessing, 4 (third from left) has drawn on a picture of her. Daughter Shayla, 13, is on the left. Daughter Angel, 13, is far right.

Delilah, with program host Will Johnson, took ample opportunity to promote Delilah’s Cozy Kitchin, opened last year at 150 Harrison St., where one can find dishes like Sticky Bun Jovi, Celine Dion Chicken and Elvis Pretzels, “and there’s nothing on the menu over $8.” Delilah, 48 and single, talked about her 10 children (seven adopted), her five horses and her goat that faints on command.

The event drew a steady stream of admirers that easily numbered a couple hundred said Sgt. Dale Schuster of the Port Orchard Police Department. The POPD assigned five officers to provide security for Delilah, who has a following 10 million strong. They catch “The Delilah Show” five nights a week on 222 U.S. stations and 15 in Canada. Locally, you can hear her 7 p.m. to midnight Monday through Sunday on Warm 106.9 FM, or KWRM.

Schuster said nothing quite like Delilah has hit the town in his 23 years on the force.
“If it’s happy, it’s positive. She enjoys what she’s doing here,” said Schuster. “She wants to be part of the community and make a positive change in the community.”

“She’s frank and honest and caring,” said Darlene Nelson of Montana, who with her husband Chuck was visiting a relative Judy Reynolds of Port Orchard.

But not everyone is thrilled with Delilah. Tim Waibel, a downtown business owner, is unhappy with me for not posting a blog comment on the advance to the event I wrote last week.
Tim’s comment began, “Seeing the trailer park-esque quality Delilah has brought to the
downtown corridor of Port Orchard can only herald an invasion of
like-minded rabid fans that only has me as business owner cringing for
Tim continued, stating his opinion that Delilah has been rude and hostile to other downtown business people, that the decor of her cafe lacks class and so do her fans. Tim is certainly entitled to his opinion. Unfortunately, he illustrated his point of view with inflammatory terms that, in my opinion, crossed the line with regard to rules of the blog.

Tim posted a comment today, saying, “Hey Chris,
Is there somewhere to blog with honest opinions?”

Sure, Tim. I work for a newspaper that publishes opinions in various forms – letters to the editor, blog comments, comments on stories. We not only allow but encourage lively debate and strong stands on issues. Criticism of the people who play significant roles in our community is an inevitable and even desirable part of healthy discussion. Where we as a newsroom and I, as host of this blog, draw the line is when commentary turns into a personal attack on individuals. I welcome your future submissions to this blog and thank you in advance for your understanding of why your comment didn’t make the cut.


10 thoughts on “Delilah Holds Court in Downtown PO

  1. Tim is wrong on many counts. I don’t know him or his store. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t recognize the value that Delilah adds to the community.

    It’s hard to know where to begin. Do I write about Delilah working with neighboring store owners to purchase and pot up hundreds of plants to beautify the store fronts? Do I write about how much they love her and all the hugs she was getting as she personally swept the sidewalks on Friday night?

    Do I write about the concern she has for Port Orchard’s businesses that led her to offer to host an event downtown? That she encouraged listeners to drive from Seattle and beyond to visit Port Orchard and attend its farmers’ market?

    Do I write about all she does for Africian refugees and her Point Hope organization?

    Do I address his comments about the Seeing the “trailer park-esque quality Delilah has brought to the
    downtown corridor of Port Orchard” by correcting him and letting him know that Delilah is gifted, talented, brilliant, incredibly well-read, well-traveled and concerned with global and national issues.

    People are always more than what they appear. We all are. I hope Tim has a chance to get to know the real Delilah and love her as the rest of us do.

  2. I am very happy to see the Kitsap Sun reporters and blog keepers take the time to explain their position in allowing or dis-allowing posts on the Kitsap Sun blogs. Good Job Chris!

    As a community member , I am very happy to see Deliah contributing to the economics of the community with her business. As a radio personality I can take it or leave it. Personally that type of show does not interest me, but I am not against anyone who does enjoy it.

    As for Mr. Waibel and his opinion, he is certainly entitled to them and has a wide variety of vehicles, other than this blog, to make his opinion known. I am also entitled to not agree with his statements or methods, Google the name of his business (which I have done) and choose to no longer frequent it (which I will do).

  3. “People are always more than what they appear. We all are.”

    That perhaps includes Tim. Whether or not I agree with him or his approach, one hopes he is at least given the opportunity to respond to comments made about him in this thread. It would be unfair to publicly call him out, characterise his posts (which we’ve not seen), then muzzle his response.

    I knew nothing about Delilah until this blog, but am open to hearing all perspectives

  4. Registered Voter – I received a personal e-mail from Tim following my post. He has not submitted a follow-up post but is welcome to do so. Chris

  5. I hope he at least resubmits his original post minus the “inflammatory terms”.

    And that it is published.

  6. Dear RV,
    I did not call Mr. Wailbel out, nor characterize his posts. I merely noted that I think he is wrong in how he has has characterized Delilah.

    I have nothing against Mr. Wailbel.

  7. thanks everyone for not personally attacking me in your responses. i do need to defend the fact that i was intending to leave an OPINION on a blog post. in that opinion i unfortunately let my personal emotions flow into my writing. i did thank chris for editing my emotions but do not feel that a fair representation was made by turning the blog post into a blog article. the original point of the post still stands, the food is atrocious.

  8. I, too, believe those who participate in the community in a positive manner are to be commended. Delilah’s decision to adopt seven children is magnificent. However, I also want to understand grievances others may have against her, the show, or her efforts.

    This has nothing to do with your having something against Waibel. Nor do I. Nonetheless, he was indeed called out in the original post and this thread, and his comments were characterised. It is neither unreasonable nor egregious but expected given our choice to participate. My point is we’ve not seen his entire comment (sans whatever it is Chris considered inflammatory) for a fuller context.

  9. RV or Dona,
    I usually find your comments wise and full of good reasoning. However, I don’t agree with you here. While you may want to understand grievances against Delilah, my question for you would be why should they be voiced?

    People seem to believe that just because someone has the courage to showcase their artistic talents (and end up with a measure of fame for such talents), they are automatically fodder for news stories. I don’t agree. It takes tremendous courage to stand up and make a contribution. So many people lack that courage, choosing instead to render comments from the sidelines. (I am not suggesting that you are one of those people, either.)

    I am just saying that I, for one, admire the courage of a Delilah, or even Britney Spears, or Mel Gibson.

    I admire someone who will toss his or her hat in the ring and run for political office. I admire people with courage enough to step up.

    I get so tired of watching them take it repeatedly on the chin. I get tired of taking it myself.

    Just because Delilah is a radio celebrity doesn’t mean that her “efforts” should be scrutinized, anymore than the average American’s or average world citizen’s life should.

    There is so much work to be done. I would rather see people make an effort, like Delilah has, rather than constantly denigrate those who do.

    I have no desire for an argument or even a debate.

    Thank you in advance for the responses, but please don’t expect any in return. Thank you.

  10. “While you may want to understand grievances against Delilah, my question for you would be why should they be voiced?”

    The better question is why you would wish to stifle opposing opinions. I don’t particularly care for the implications of a world wherein voices are silenced in order to create a falsely sanitised environment.

    Every discussion needn’t be debate or argument. Your choice to participate is voluntary, there is no need to advise me in advance of your decisions, and a response is neither expected not required.

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