Speaking of SK: Ask the Candidates

The Kitsap Sun will create a Web site for the upcoming election. Reporters were asked to submit questions for candidates. Here are some that we’ve come up with so far.

(When you’re done reading them, let us know what questions you have for candidates for South Kitsap Commissioner and state representative to the 26th Legislative District. Add questions for candidates in general as the spirit moves you.)

26th District Representative
Both current representatives to the 26th Legislative District are from Gig Harbor. What issues do you see as being unique to A. Gig Harbor B. the Kitsap Peninsula. If elected, how would you, as a resident of A. Gig Harbor B. the Kitsap Peninsula, address those issues? What would you do to represent constituents in both areas equally?

Here are questions for legislative candidates from all districts:
Would you be willing to increase the state education budget to cover free, all-day kindergarten for every student and to put an emphasis on other early-childhood education programs? If so, where would you get the funds to do that?

Has the Legislature met its constitutional obligation to pay the cost of a basic K-12 education for all students in Washington’s public schools? If not, how should the state’s funding formula be changed to make sure local districts can pay the cost of a basic education?

Washington taxes its citizens to pay for state services that citizens demand. Yet no one likes to pay taxes, and citizens often feel taxes are too high. How would you as a legislator address this balancing act and how would you educate your constituents about how that balance is achieved?

After years of trying to subsist after loosing a significant portion of its core revenues, the ferry system seems to be teetering on the brink of collapse. Fares were pushed up dramatically over several years before finally being frozen this year. Ridership is down in the wake of those fare increases. Diesel fuel now exceeds $4 per gallon. Four boats had to be removed from service because of safety concerns, and won’t be fully replaced in the fleet for years. Please answer these three questions:
What’s your vision for the ferry system?
What tax source should be tapped to support the system’s core operations?
Is it possible for the system to operate on less money and still provide adequate services to its riders?

Despite escalating construction costs, many of the road projects the state said it would fund with the last gas tax increase are being addressed. Yet the largest, most significant projects statewide (520 bridge, I-405 congestion, Seattle viaduct) are not being addressed. What should the state do to deal with those highway needs?

Is the state doing enough to protect environmental quality? Are you concerned that further efforts, especially any move to clean up Puget Sound, will require either additional taxes to pay for it or could impose new restrictions on how people use their property?

Should the state take action independent of the federal government to address global warming concerns? If so, are there specific policies to address global warming that make sense to pursue on a local or state level?

South Kitsap Commissioner
What issues unique to South Kitsap need to be addressed by the board? What would you do to promote the concerns of constituents in your district?

What long-term strategies do you envision to address the county’s revenue shortfall, which is projected to continue at least through the next five years? What do you think should be the county’s priorities in spending? List three areas where you would suggest significant cuts be made to balance the budget.

Describe your vision of the county’s evolving role as annexation of urban growth areas proceed.

What is your opinion of the value of Kitsap’s membership in the Puget Sound Regional Council? How would you address concerns of constituents who view membership in the PSRC as detrimental to Kitsap residents with regard to autonomy of land use planning? What would you personally do to strengthen Kitsap’s representation within the PSRC?

One thought on “Speaking of SK: Ask the Candidates

  1. I question why the 35th District is not included on this blog? Unless I read my map and GPS incorrectly I am in South Kitsap and part of the 35th District. Has the Sun redifined what is and is not South Kitsap? If so I would like to know what I am a part of. I am close to Mason County (think Wicks Lake area)) with the State reps from Mason and other areas not Kitsap County. I am close to Gig Harbor with 26th District reps who do not represent me all from Gig Harbor. Do I need to subscribe to the Mason newspaper to get my info and ask questions? just curious.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap (I think)

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