Investment Scam: Were You a Victim?

“A former Port Orchard man accused by the federal government of taking millions of dollars in a fraudulent investment scheme has been extradited from Poland and is now in jail, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Western Washington.

Charles N. Bush, 68, is alleged to have accepted more than $30 million from investors who were told he’d taken a ‘vow of poverty’ and had placed the money in high-yield funds between 1998 and 2002.”

So writes Crime and Justice reporter Josh Farley in today’s story about an alleged investment scam that may have affected South Kitsap residents. Josh would like to hear from anyone who has had any dealings with Bush. E-mail him at

Here’s some more information from the story.

“Bush began his alleged scheme in Des Moines before moving to Port Orchard, where he operated investment entities called Hulaman Management Services (HMS), Global Dominion Financial Services (GDFS) and Cornerstone Institute.

His alleged scam kept going by using methods akin to a Ponzi scheme, in which to satisfy investors, he paid out large rates on return with investors’ original investments, not profits.

Federal prosecutors also allege that he ‘falsely represented his background, knowledge and experience,’ to tempt investors, and told them his offers were ‘exclusive’ to draw them in further.”

2 thoughts on “Investment Scam: Were You a Victim?

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