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5 thoughts on “Off-Leash Areas: Howe Farm Ready for Action, SK Park a Possibility

  1. I AM a ‘dog person’ and do not understand the need for off leash dog ‘parks’.

    What is the average number of dogs using the space?
    Based on the average number of dogs – what is the cost breakdown per dog to provide and maintain the space? (including the fence costs).

    Parks, yes, on lead dogs in parks, yes – but to segregate a county or city funded, public, fenced and open place for dogs and owners only is astounding.
    I noted that PO has three fenced dog parks…BI has one …Bremerton has one..maybe one more in Kitsap County …but it sure isn’t in Silverdale.

    Is PO so wealthy that its tax payers can afford to support three off lead dog parks?
    Is Silverdale so poor, it can’t afford one?

    Does PO have one fenced, dedicated public place for young children to safely play off lead?

    Our parks aren’t fenced….so where are public funded, fenced, safe areas for children to play together?
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. You are right Sharon. Just goes to show that the county places dogs above people. But of course, that is because many people believe dogs are at least just as important as people.

  3. I agree with you here, Sharon. This is a frustrating issue, specifically because the Howe Farm has/d such potential as a teaching farm for the purpose of helping the next generation understand how their food is grown/produced.

    I, too, would rather see us invest in our youth, but as dahl says, to some people, dogs take priority.

  4. Mary – There is still a plan in the works for the school district’s vocational department, working with WSU Kitsap County Extension, to develop parts of the park for teaching and demo purposes. At one point there was even a plan to have a market with produce grown by the students. According to Danny Horovitz of Dog Parks Inc., his folks are ready to play nice with the ag folks and visa versa. If Horovitz is right, old animosities have been buried. Negotiations with the county are still under way, and Horovitz said he’s unsure what role each of the groups will play at Howe Farm, but with 83 acres, it sounds like there’s room for everybody, as long as groups with varied interests agree to get along.

  5. If this is funded and supported by the tax payers, will they get a say in how their money is spent?

    Most would be 100% for any educational programs..
    Sharon O’Hara

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