Friday Afternooon Club: Scare Tactics

Some folks in my neighborhood go all out for Halloween, but the house on the corner takes the prize. There’s a lighted ceramic pumpkin in every window, carved pumpkins worthy of Martha Stewart by the front door and a virtual bone yard in the front yard. You know those fake skeleton parts you can stick in the dirt to look like dead people clawing their way out of the ground? Very creepy, even freaked out my dog. I also loved the tombstone surrounded by what were only white cloths on stakes, but stirring restlessly in the evening breeze, they looked just like ghosts.

Do you do it up big for Halloween? If so send me photos of your display. I’ll post them and, between now and Halloween, bloggers can rate and comment on them. Here’s the rating scale:

* About as scary as Casper the Friendly Ghost
** Tame and Tasteful – Ho Hum
*** Starting to Show Some Spirits of the Season
**** Wicked Good
***** Seek Therapy

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