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Since Chris Henry duplicated her earlier post and posted it on the Bremerton Beat blog, I thought I’d just go ahead and duplicate the one I did earlier, so you can see it all on one page. I risk giving Chris more page views, and we get huge prizes for having the top rated blogs, but I’m just that kind of guy. You know, a 98311 kind of guy.

P.S. My thought on the store ad Chris posted is you have to drink the Corona before you get the slice of the other stuff.

Honey, what goes good with tobacco?
Hmmn. How about some tobacco?

In today’s photo issue we deal with two of the biggest vices — tobacco and dogs.

A few weeks ago I was driving around Port Orchard on Bethel Road when I saw the sign to the right. What do you think they sell there?

I have another question.

Do people in Port Orchard have to be told everything twice?

Dogs ask for it by name.

Before I get smug, though, I must remind the court that Bremerton is home to the landmark Doggy Style dog grooming store in Manette. I wonder how many people have been disappointed to find out what they really do.

That’s a happy pup.

A good friend of mine would pass by Doggy Style every day on his way home. When friends from out of town came to visit, though, he would take another route just so his friends couldn’t draw attention to the store. He was embarrassed for Bremerton.

Personally, I’ve always been the kind of guy to drive my friends by there on purpose. I do wonder about the wisdom of the name. I’m acquainted with a few people who I know would avoid it. While they might not be ashamed to drive by, being seen walking in could be something different.

Feel free to send me the peculiar names of any businesses you’ve seen. If you’ve got photos, they might show up here.

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