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11 thoughts on “Angel Revisiting Run for Re-election

  1. I am not a constituent, but I hope she decides to run again.

    We need her. Her experience and expertise must be of immense benefit to the newest members of the Board of Commissioners…proving to me that the greater good for our county supersedes political party lines.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Rich,

    I’m curious as to why you think she is terrible?

    What makes an elected official (or candidate) good or bad?

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. I will run for SK Commissioner in 2008. There will be a formal announcement in January, but let there be no doubt about my intention to seek this office.


  4. Jan didn’t listen to more than half of her constituents by enthusiastically supporting NASCAR. If Jan had pressed for ISC paying property taxes or any number of issues that were crucial to the whole scenario moving forward, then the whole process could have been done a lot sooner, one way or another. Jan intimated that she had been having conversations with ISC about the track, while the other Commissioners were kept in the dark. The whole thing smacked of crony-ism and back room deals. I guess in short, I would prefer that my elected official actually LISTEN to what my concerns are AND share informations that is relevant to the issue at hand. Is that too much to ask?

  5. Well ,the goods news is that if both Jan and Monte are running, we will have at least two good candidates in the race.

    Which brings me back to the question I asked earlier… what makes a good elected official (or candidate)?

    For me, the litmus test for consideration is honesty and integrity. Do I trust the person to do what is right. In this case, I’d have to give a “yes” to both Jan and Monte.

    Second consideration is the ability to be an independent thinker. Does the person do their own thinking or do they parrot a party line? Again, I’d have to give a thumbs up to both Jan and Monte.

    Third consideration is where do they stand and what is their plan on the issues most important to the community. Note I didn’t say most important to me. We elect folks to do what is best for the community. I’ve had positive experiences with Jan on this, so I give her a thumbs up. I don’t know Monte enough yet to form an opinion.

    So, what do the rest of ya’ll think???

    By the way, Monte, with such an affirmative statement that you are running, I hope you’ll have your PDC filing completed in the next 14 days. Looks like you may be in line with Mr. Rossi. ;=)

    Kathryn Simpson

  6. Candidates for any elected office should be elected for their overall value to the position….not voted for or against because the voter disagrees with the candidates position on ONE issue.
    …in my opinion…

  7. Thank you, Mary. My humble apologies to Monty.

    Monty, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I spelled it like I spell another friend’s name. You are both gentlemen, so no harm was intended. ;=)

    Kathryn Simpson

  8. I truly hope that Jan Angel does run again and wins. Then she’ll have to deal with the mess that she assisted in creating over that last 4 years. She could’ve been steering some important issues to resolution instead of waving her huge flag for NASCAR to the exclusion of all else. She blames the voters and other commissioners for NASCAR’s demise in Kitsap. Jan, you need to blame yourself.

  9. Thanks for the interest in this election and in me. My PDC forms should have been in their office by now. I’ll be following up on that Monday. As far as issues go I’ll be pretty ‘out there’ in stating my case, I won’t leave anyone in the dark about how I feel about things. Given that my statements can be pretty easily found in any Google search and in the minutes of the Kitsap Planning Commission during some pretty contentious discussions, hiding would make no sense. Truly looking forward to the debate. And Kathryn, no problem on the spelling. At least you didn’t use an “I” at the end… 🙂

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