Power Outage Closes Manchester Elementary School

Manchester Elementary School students had an unexpected day off from classes today (Thursday) due to a power outage.
The outage was discovered by school district maintenance staff early in the morning. Puget Sound Energy workers arrived to help determine the cause and found that the building needed some fuses and parts of a transformer, said Aimee Warthen, the district’s director of community relations.
The electrical company with whom the district contracts estimated it would take about two hours to restore power to the school
“We made the call about 6:30 the school would be closed,” said Warthen. “It would have been dreadful to have students and staff arrive and have no power, no phones, no heat. It would have been an awful environment for learning.”
Staff was notified via the district’s phone tree. Families of the school’s 450 students were notified by the district’s auto-dialer system, which has been in place at South Kitsap School since last spring. The district also sent out a public service announcement through the Washington State emergency communication system.
Power was restored by 9:10 a.m., but by then it was too late to hold school, said Warthen.

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