Help Sought to Catch Cemetery Vandals

Vandals Hit Knights of Pythias Cemetery
Caretakers of the Knights of Pythias Cemetery in Port Orchard have reported vandalism to headstones in the 5-acre graveyard.
On Wednesday morning caretakers found a dozen large headstones had been knocked over, said caretaker Bill Ralph. The stones are too large to lift by hand, and the volunteer Knights of Pythias is getting help from Rill Chapel of Port Orchard, which oversees the adjacent Sunset Lane Cemetery, in setting them upright.
Anyone with information on the vandalism should call the Port Orchard Police Department at (360) 876-1700.

2 thoughts on “Help Sought to Catch Cemetery Vandals

  1. I wish I knew who did it.! My neighborhood has been riddled with vandalism this year. I know much of this if not all is done by unsupervised teens. In one case the children confessed. One family of several decided to file charges. The teens were not arrested or taken to juvenile hall. They were out happy go lucky the next day without even being grounded by the mother! Who by the way has never spoken directly with any of us. The police didn’t want to come out that day. They said they would send a form for us to fill out. It was not untill at least 3 family called one after the other that they came out. Parents need to keep tabs on their kids and the police need to come down hard. What recourse do we have if they don’t?

  2. Why would anyone desecrate a cemetery? Dont they know they will be in the ground some day? My kids have respect for the dead, well maybe that is the bigger issue, wheres the parents and why have they raised such horrible kids, that is a very horrible thing to do.

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