Signs of the Times: What Dog is Worth That Much?

Aug. 16 Update: A co-worker of Cloise Orand told me several days ago the lost boxer was found dead in Long Lake.

With this entry I’ll launch a new category, “Signs of the Times,” about those signs you see around town from time to time that catch your eye and make you wonder …

When I saw this sign, I had to call Cloise Orand of Cloise & Mike Construction and ask, “What dog is worth that much?”

Cloise told me all about Tyson, his 3-year-old brindled boxer, who up to July 11, went everywhere with him. The dog is devoted, great with his four kids, low-maintenance, in a word, said Cloise, “He seems flawless. … I don’t usually like dealing with animals, but he’s so efficient. I don’t have to leash him. He stays right by my side.”

Cloise and a friend were motoring around Long Lake Wednesday with Tyson, hanging out in his favorite spot under the seat. So when they shoved off and headed down the lake, it took them a while to realize the dog wasn’t on board. Cloise figures he must have jumped out when they weren’t looking and gotten left behind.

They circled the lake several times that day calling for the dog, but no luck. Cloise has been out every day since looking for him.

Now $5,000 may seem like big bucks for a boxer, but Cloise’s co-worker Tom Cowan says the dog is like a member of the family. “It’s like a kid to him. … He feeds him steak, lobster. He loves the dog.”

And Cloise says, “I have the money. I’d rather have my dog.”

If you can help, the number to call is in the photo.

And if you see an eye-catching sign, send it to me by jpg at

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