SK Parks: Unfinished Business and a Great Quote

July 13 12:15 – See update below.

Just when everyone thought the end was in sight …

South Kitsap Parks & Recreation District Commissioner Warren Collver, citing RCW 49.60, has filed a formal discrimination complaint with the Washington State Human Rights Commission against members of his own board and its attorney Tony Otto. The document is in the mail, he said tonight after what was supposed to be the board’s last meeting.
Collver has been a strong proponent of transferring ownership of South Kitsap Community Park over to Kitsap County, but his complaint could delay the parks board’s dissolution process and thereby incur on the board a cost in the upcoming election, estimated by county election officials to be between $25,000 and $30,000.

Tune in to just a little later tonight as …

Warren Collver speaks his mind.
Larry Walker tears his hair.
Tony Otto, perhaps, wonders why he got into the legal field.
And Kathryn Simpson says, if there were a way, she’d remove herself from the ballot and encourage other SK Parks candidates to do the same.

Like I said before … curiouser and curiouser.

Update: I spoke with Tony Otto this morning and he has assessed that Collver’s claim against members of the board, which could result in a fine up to $10,000, would constitute grounds for a delay on the dissolution of the board.

Karen Flynn this morning said that while the official deadline for candidates withdrawal is passed, the law allows her office to consider on a case by case basis late coming requests for withdrawal. One factor is the deadline for printing ballots and election pamphlets. Flynn, probably speaking for the rest of the SK folks who have followed this story’s bizarre twists and turns, summarized this latest episode by saying, “Ya know, you can’t get it off your shoe.”

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  1. I am sorry to hear that Karen Flynn feels that she has something stuck to her shoe. It is certainly not the sentiment that the SKPRD would have intended nor deserves.

    Since getting to know the board members of the South Kitsap Parks and Recreation District, I can say that they have behaved honorably under incredibly stressful circumstances.

    These are volunteers who give of their own money, time and energy freely to the park and its operations. For example, aside from our Park Appreciation Day, which was almost fully funded by SKPRD board members, Ron Flerx would spend whole weekends clearing fallen trees and mowing lawns.

    Margie Rees has, along with Melissa Lund, spent her own money on numerous park events, including the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Ghost Train and the Easter Egg Hunt. This committed volunteer has been a pillar of strength and deserves nothing but our praise. She has dealt with a beloved sister’s death from cancer and her own diagnosis of breast cancer (and surgery) during this process.

    I have nothing but admiration for her character, her wisdom and her commitment to the people of South Kitsap.

    Larry Walker and Tony Otto worked to insure that the board was always honorable and dealt with its obligations in a timely manner.

    While criticism of these people doesn’t seem to ever stop in spite of the board’s efforts to insure that proper protections were in place to insure that the park remain a park forever before dissolution and subsequent efforts were made to dissolve quickly and gracefully pass the park over to Kitsap County, maybe it should.

  2. I’ve got a call into the Auditor’s office to find out what Karen Flynn is referring to as a potential election solution. Unfortunately, I was told she is gone for the day. Her deputy, Walt Washington, was going to try and get some information and get back to me.

    Transferring the property to Kitsap County’s stewardship was the goal and that was accomplished on June 15th, when the SKPRD filed the quit-claim deed to turn the property over to the County. Unfortunately, that was six days after the filing period for the elections closed and one day after the period available to us to withdraw (according to the information provided to us by the Auditor’s office at the time). The fact that the property hadn’t been transferred (before the close of the election filing period) was the reason we felt the need to file for the election positions.

    I hope that the July 20th dissolution hearing will end things. It appears that the power to clear the way is in Mr. Collver’s hands. I hope he searches in his heart for what is best for the community.

    Kathryn Simpson

  3. From what I understand and was told, the fraud charges against SKPRD members delayed the dissolution process as well.

    While the papers reported the situation as a delay by the SKPRD, it was the County that was waiting for the charges to be cleared before proceeding.

    Also, from what I was told, it was extremely distressing to SKPRD members to be interviewed by the police and accused of fraud, accompanied by suspicisions of arson.

    I know that for some the end justifies the means, but it doesn’t for me. Criticize me if you wish for this sentiment, but it is simply my opinion, and not meant as an insult.

  4. Karen Flynn’s comment was probably not being directed at the board, or anyone in particular. I think that she would like for this process to move on as does everyone. Both sides have a passion for having the park be useful and an asset to the community. The ultimate goal is the same. All of the suggestions I’ve seen from both sides have been terrific. As difficult as it was, the board chose to dissolve. Both sides were ready to move on. This issue should no longer be about the board, but between the individuals involved. Let’s try to keep the focus positive from here on out. It certainly wouldn’t hurt!

  5. Sometimes it takes and needs more than what is in a person’s heart to determine the best for a community park.

    Common sense, financial considerations are only two needed requirements … and to cater to what is best for the majority of the community is sometimes the hardest…emotional responses without thought or overall regard should not have a place here.

    I do not understand the fuss about this park. Why doesn’t Kitsap County have and manage the park… with all you folks as volunteers?
    …in my opinion.
    Sharon O’Hara

  6. Interested Observer,

    Well stated sentiments. I completely agree.


    The Jackson and Lund park was not owned by Kitsap County until June 15th, 2007. For about 28 years the property was in the stewardship of a Parks Board. Unfortunately, the Board couldn’t obtain the consistent financial resources it needed to grow the park to it’s potential.

    My reference to Mr. Collver reflects the fact that if he has a formal claim against the SKPRD (or it’s governing members) on July 20th, then that may halt the dissolution process until it is resolved. As I said before, I hope he makes a decision that is best for the community and it is a decision that must be made with his own heart.

    Kathryn Simpson

  7. Mary,

    Legitimate concerns were voiced in regard to the insurance claim. I was at the meeting (last October of 2006) that the SKPRD claimed (in a certification to their insurance carrier – which didn’t become public until January, 2007) that they publicly discussed the claim. After reading the insurance information in January of 2007, I felt that certification was completely inconsistent with what really happened (or rather, didn’t happen) at the October meeting.

    After attempting to obtain clarification and explanation from the SKPRD (to no avail), I filed a complaint. So did another. I stand by the facts I stated in that complaint. It is the Sheriff’s job to investigate citizen complaints. We only asked that the Sheriff’s office receive our complaint. When they received it, they took appropriate action and investigated.

    I don’t have the power or authority to file charges against anyone. That is the Prosecuting Attorney’s job. In the end, no charges were filed. The Prosecuting Attorney’s office regularly decides not to pursue charges after an investigation. I live with their decision in regard my complaint because I believe in our system of government.

    Would you suggest that citizens who have concerns just not bother asking that those concerns be investigated?

    Ironically, I’ll acknowledge that the investigation did delay things. However, the investigation delay was not the reason that the SKPRD couldn’t have completed the transfer of the park property before the election filing period.

    Kitsap County formally accepted the counter-offer by the SKPRD on April 28th. The SKPRD could have signed quit-claim deeds to turn the property over to Kitsap County at either of their May meetings. Unfortunately, the SKPRD didn’t do so until after the election filing period closed (and the withdrawl period too, btw) on June 14th. Not to mention that the offer was better last year than it is now. Had the SKPRD negotiated when the offer was presented (Spring 2006), it would have meant $2.44 million over 3 years instead of $2.19 million over 6 years (with the same protections for the property). You know this is a fact because it was you who asked me to join the advocasy team to get the SKPRD to dissolve and accept Kitsap County’s original offer (more irony).

    Had the SKPRD negotiated in a timely manner, this election issue would never have come about. In fact, Mary, truth be told, you were in the “Grow the Park” meetings where I (and others) repeatedly said that we hoped and prayed this wouldn’t be delayed so long that we would have to run candidates for the 2007 elections. In fact, those conversations happened last summer (2006). Or is your memory conveniently dimming?

    I have respect for those who served on the SKPRD. I have attempted to be respectful in disagreeing with them (in the press, in meetings, and in personal conversation). It has been very frustrating at times.

    But I have little respect for your theatrical tactics, obfuscation of the facts to suite your agenda du jour, and attempts at intimidation (in Staples, with the NW Parks Foundation, with your personal attacks on Judi Edwards and myself…).

    To the SKPRD, I say, “Thank You” for preserving the property and now in allowing it a greater opportunity to grow.

    To you, Mary, I say… hmmm… well… maybe I’ll just leave it at having straightened out the facts… again.

    Kathryn Simpson

  8. I have to admit to be a bit confused by the comments of Interested Observer and Sharon O’Hara.

    IO – I am not sure who you mean by “both sides.” Do you mean Kitsap County and the SKPRD or do you mean SKPRD and Grow the Park or do you mean Warren Collver and others on SKPRD?

    As I mentioned in the blog on the Park Appreciation Day, the SKPRD has been working with Kitsap County to gracefully transition ownership of the park. No one wants the issue to be about the board.

    My suggestions were only that attacks on the board should stop.

    I also don’t understand your comments about keeping the focus positive. The SKPRD has been working hard together to send a positive message to the community. The stuff that keeps coming up and leaving residue on people’s shoes is not of the board’s doing. I can say that with conviction. It really comes down to a justice and fairness issue.

    Some people did express their gratitude to the SKPRD Board at the Park Appreciation Day. We gave respesentatives from the County and the community the chance to share their hopes and dreams, as well. It was VERY POSITIVE and was an all round wonderful experience.

    That makes it all the more difficult to watch such good people go through this latest round. You wonder when it will ever end. I understand Warren’s concern over accessibility, but I don’t think anyone meant for him to be excluded. I certainly did not. If he felt excluded in the planning of the Park Appreciation Day, it might have been because Margie and I chaired it and worked closely together. We spoke frequently on the phone, but never meant for Warren to feel left out. In fact, he did help considerably by locating donations to cover the cost of the musical group. We are very grateful for that.

    The comment about Karen Flynn wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

    I don’t know you Sharon O’Hara, although, I have lived in Port Orchard for 16 years. Are you new to the area? I hope that you in your entry were not suggesting that I have offered an emotional response without thought or overall regard, because being thoughtful and helpful were my intentions in joining the SKPRD before it final dissolution. It has been a costly endeavor, both emotionally and financially and I haven’t been on the board that long. I can’t even begin to understand how much more emotionally and financially draining it has been for the others.

    My intention was to help Margie, Ron, Larry and Warren through this difficult transition and to help them plan a celebration that would send a positive message. I think we did that.

    Margie and I also have presented a proposal to the past SKPRD board and to Kitsap County that takes into consideration the majority in the community. I know that you, Sharon, have bashed my ideas in the past and that’s ok. You are entitled to your opinions.

    This whole situation has left many of us too emotionally drained to debate. So, I hope you understand my reluctance to engage anyone in any debates, especially any that take on a negative spin.

    My only reason for responding is to express that I just wish that others could understand how unfair and grueling this whole process as been on good people. It has been hard to watch.

    It has made me think of moving to a new community where people don’t fight about the little things all the time, where people don’t sabotage others’ attempts to make a positive difference and where they don’t feel the need to go on the offensive in ways that leave lasting scars.

    I have been traveling some this summer and looking.

  9. Mary, my interest in South Kitsap goes back over 50 years….and born in Bremerton 68 years ago.

    Many of us either born here or have adopted the area take a personal interest in the growth//non growth.

    You and people like you are invaluable in your selfless devotion …no county, no town, can survive without the keen, selfless and active interest of its citizens.

    I just don’t understand the conflict…but feel that if ALL parties look at the best use for this park…and forget personalities and real or imagined wrongs … you’ll know what to do.

    Best wishes to you all…
    Sharon O’Hara

  10. Perhaps Ms. Colborn you will include Michigan in your travels this summer? This would be an ideal place for you to live, write and “save” your family farm. Does anyone have frequent flyer miles to donate to the cause?

  11. The “both sides” I was referring to was the SK Parks Board and the other individuals that have been discussing this matter in the blogs. Stating an individuals’ opinion does not equal someone’s ideas being bashed. The five people that have ever contributed to this blog about what should be done about the park are five out of thousands of others that just might have their own idea of what should be done with the park. The rest have moved on. I truly believe that this latest incident with Warren, whether warranted or not, is unfortunate timing. I can’t make any judgements in this matter and hope that it can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

  12. Albeit trite to so do, I’d still quote Spock from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan©

    “The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

  13. Since the SKPRD officially filed a quit-claim deed to transfer the Jackson and Lund Park property to Kitsap County (on June 15th, 2007, at 11:46AM – a week after the filing period closed and a day after the official withdrawl period closed), there is no longer a compelling need to run for seats on the Parks Board.

    Therefore, after receiving clarification from the Kitsap County Auditor’s Office this afternoon and being assured that if we withdraw from the election that the Auditor will accept our withdrawls (according to the law it is within her discretion to do so, even beyond the withdrawl period), I have officially withdrawn as a candidate and have encouraged fellow candidates to do the same. If all candidates withdraw, there will be no SKPRD positions on the November ballot. Those who currently hold those elected positions will continue to hold office until the SKPRD is officially dissolved or until the 2009 Elections (and only heaven knows what would happen then).

    Also according to the Auditor’s Office, this should avoid election costs for the SKPRD (as long as no one files as a write-in candidate), even if they are not dissolved by action of the Superior Court on July 20, 2007.

    It has been a wild year of advocasy and effort. Thank you to past and present SKPRD Board Members who have preserved this beautiful property for our community. Thank you to Kitsap County for stepping up to open the door to a new era of park growth and opportunity for our community. Thank you to those who signed petitions and spirited us up with words of encouragement. I extend a personal thank you to Mary Colborn for engaging me into this advocasy project and especially to Judi Edwards for her undying faith that drove the commitment to stay the course on this issue.

    Kathryn Simpson

  14. In reading the posts, I often see information presented as “Facts” when they might more appropriately be referred to as “Possibilities” or “Opinions.” I will try to shed some light on a few of my concerns.

    As a past SKPRD Commissioner, I was in office when we were presented with the offer from the County. The 2.4 million was not a concrete amount, it was contingent on the County receiving a grant. A grant has to be applied for, so a statement that the SKPRD turned down 2.4 million is not factual. The grant was a “possibility” that did not materialize, whose fault this was is purely subjective.

    The opinions concerning the negotiations are many. There are those who think the SKPRD should not have turned the park over to the County at any cost, those who think it should have been handed over immediately after the letter was sent from the County, those who think it took too long to negotiate, those who feel the County should have honored the Interlocal Agreement, etc. Again, these are all opinions, there is no right or wrong.

    To insert my opinion, as a business owner I would never divest myself of property or rights on the weight of a letter of intent, I would require negotiations and a contract before signing something of such great importance over to another party. This is what I perceive the SKPRD did, the negotiations were neither excessively long, nor expeditiously quick, however, people will always have varied opinions as to the length of the process—so be it.

    I was reminded by a constituent that “The founders envisioned a political process in which decisions would be arrived upon after careful, reasoned discussion. They rightly feared the results of any headlong rush to judgment.” Juxtaposing this statement with the local process the County and SKPRD adhered to, it may have seemed excrutiatingly tedious and time consuming to some, but in the end there was a comprehensive, well thought out contract in place—(my opinion). I find it disingenuous to fault either side for negotiation length, it takes two sides to respond, so both are responsible for the eventual timeline. The process was further stalled by the arson fraud investigation, throwing yet another wrench in the works.

    I feel that at this juncture the above is irrelevant to what the community is now facing. Finger pointing and debating “who’s at fault” is useless, the offers have been finalized and both the County and the SKPRD seem satisfied, regardless of how anyone personally feels about the process.

    I must admit am a bit confounded by Warren Collver’s accusations, as a commissioner I was the target of his often perplexingly incoherent e-mails, if he continued in this vein I imagine it fostered a feeling of tension amongst board members. As a civilian attending meetings I have never seen him excluded. I did observe Mr. Collver consistently late to meetings (he would then sit at the end of a table), and there were times when it was clear he did not understand parliamentary procedure, but I never saw exclusion or bias. However, he has the right to assert his opinion that he was discriminated against, my hope is that this is rectified before it costs the SK citizens more time, angst, and possibly money.

    As a community, I think we must now go forward and focus our energies towards the ongoing support of the quality of the park, rather than reacting to this current crisis with yet more negatives. I also agree with Sharon that the County might do well to keep the current dedicated volunteers in mind when proceeding with projects in the park.

    Regarding this newest controversy: Put in the broad context of park history, this too shall pass.

    Melissa Lund

  15. And, thank you Kathy for withdrawing from the election. It’ll save the park board anguish and the county money. I’ll tell the others on Friday.

  16. Melissa,

    I’m a bit confused. You resigned from the SKPRD in January of 2006. The offer to which I am referring was presented to the SKPRD in early April of 2006. Ron Flerx had replaced you on the Board on February 16, 2006. I’m confused?

    Below is a link to Kitsap County’s website where they issued a press release on their offer to SKPRD:

    I will agree that the orignal proposal from Kitsap County was projecting additional funds based on a grant. However, according to Kitsap County, that would have raised the amount to more than $3 million over three years. That grant proposal was due by May 1, 2006. Unfortunately, the SKPRD had taken not one iota of action on the County’s offer by May 1, 2006. So, the offer was down to about $2.4 million in May.

    As for my post about withdrawing, I need to update the situation. After going to the Auditor’s office Monday afternoon and being told that if we withdrew there would be no “special election filing period” and there would be no elections for SKPRD, I received a call with an about-face from the Auditor’s office Tuesday morning. Their position changed back to what they told us when we filed in June… if we withdraw after June 14th, there would be a special filing period and still there would be a potential for elections in November. Thus, Tuesday I called back the others who had filed (sorry, I couldn’t reach you, Mike) and suggested that the withdrawls be held off pending Friday’s hearing.

    This is all very frustrating. One thing that isn’t frustrating though is the work that is now being accomplished in the park by Kitsap County employees. While I know the SKPRD did the best they could with the limited resources they had… the park is receiving care and attention that wasn’t available to it for a long time. That is best for this community.

    It is unfortunate the way people were treated and the way people were villified. I stand by the facts as I have stated them. I back my facts up with references and documentation.

    I hope and pray this saga ends tomorrow with a judge agreeing to dissolve the SKPRD in the best interest of the citizens of South Kitsap. Let us all move on, learn from the experience, and help the park grow!

    Kathryn Simpson

  17. I don’t wish to engage in a debate with anyone, but must dispute what Kathryn Simpson is implying in regards to park stewardship.

    Ron Flerx personally mowed the park greens himself, spending hours doing so. When I went to the park this past week to walk my dog (prior to all the rain) the grass was overgrown and apparently unmowed for sometime.

    In addition, I needed to call the County to request that paint cans with brushes and spilled paint be removed prior to our Park Appreciation Day.

    One of the things that disturbs me the most, however, is that while the County was praised for clearing low growing shrubs from the entrance to the park, many of these branches have been left in piles to dry next to wooded areas (well, now they are wet due to rain) where they could constitute a fire hazard.

    I understand that there was some malfunction with the County’s chipper, but I would have hoped that it could have been fixed by now or that the material could have been removed. There are piles at both entrances. They are not only unsightly they are fire hazards, especially considering we have had arson related vandalism in the past.

    So, I think Kathryn is premature in her statements that the “park is receiving care and attention that wasn’t available to it for a long time.”

    She had to get one more potshot in, backed by her own definition of the “truth.”

  18. I was elated when I was informed by my Sister, Judi Edwards, and Kathyrn Simpson, on the decision of the Courts to put an end to the problems of the Jackson and Lund Park.
    We all have to to forward now and concentrate on the good things that the County can do for the Park.
    When the four of us filed, we had no intention of causing the County to incur the cost of a new election of Commissioners. We were all on the same track, as we all are now, and are happy to withdraw our filings !!
    What a great day for everyone !!! I have had a smile on my face all day. I also want to thank everyone for their hard work, and publicly thank my Sister for all she has put into this, and now she, too, can go on with all the things she wants to accomplish in her life besides meetings !! I know she is satisfied with her support of “Grow The Park” as she should be, and I am very proud of her and Kathryn and all the people that showed up at the meetings and helped to make what happened today a good thing for South Kitsap !!
    Let’s all get behind the County and help make this new County Park a Park that we can be proud of !!
    I want to see positive blogs from now on !! Go County !!!!!!

  19. Mary,

    You read my comments with an agenda in mind. Try reading with heart instead of hate. One man can only do so much. I appreciate all Ron has done. But he didnt have enough resources to do all that is needed. That has been a fact.

    As for your assertions about poor county work, large projects always look worse early on. Does kicking the county employees make Ron’s efforts look better? No. It just makes you feel better.

    Thank you, again, for inviting me to get involved. It feels good to have helped accomplish something so ultimately good for our community.

    Kathryn Simpson

  20. Re: Confusion.

    I was one of the original group of SKPRD Commissioners who were approached by the County Commissioners regarding the SK Community Park. Thus began the great parks negotiations of SK County. The SK Parks Board received registered letters, attended a meeting with the County Commissioners (in their old quarters); some of the SKPRD individuals received a personal phone call from Chris Endresen. At an even earlier date before this dialogue began some of the SKPRD met with Commissioner Angel to discuss the park election debt.

    The process was started well before “Grow the Park” came into being. Although GTP was very vocal at meetings and in e-mails (in a way I often found to be unfortunately rather negative), they had no hand in actual negotiations, these were always dealt with between the two commissioner entities and their respective lawyers.

    Update: I have embraced new endeavors, and the park is now under new stewardship.

    Time flies.

    I bid you all adieu as I start my blissfully blog and stress free summer!

    Melissa Lund

  21. Well, Melissa, at least we can agree that you deserve a blissfully blog and stress free summer. :=)

    I’ll also agree that there was an element in “Grow the Park” that was negative from time to time. But, as luck would have it, both “sides” got their share of that negativity.


    Kathryn Simpson

  22. To Kathys, You may congratulate yourselves all you want. That is your right. However, when I think of your actions in regards to the park the refrain from the song “One Tin Soldier” comes to mind.

    “Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
    Go ahead and cheat a friend.
    Do it in the name of Heaven,
    You can justify it in the end.
    There won’t be any trumpets blowing
    Come the judgement day,
    On the bloody morning after….
    One tin soldier rides away.”

    Like others have written earlier on negotiations between the County and SKPRD, Margie Rees had asked Commissioner Angel in early 2004 to work with the SKPRD. Once again, it’s important to note that there was an Interlocal Agreement in place that spelled out how the two entities could work together. If only….

    John Conte wrote in an e-mail that Grow the Park was used by the County to force the dissolution, for which you are now proud.

    I regret being part of Grow the Park due to the methods used in the campaign. They were negative, deflaming and hurtful. I tried back in the summer of 2006 to discuss this with all of you. When I wrote about my concerns and pleaded with you to stop the fight and start a non-profit with me instead, in which we could work toward a family recreation center, I received profanity filled e-mails from John Conte, 4 or 5 letters of personal attack from Judi Edwards, that went far beyond the park campaign, and a simple message of NO from you, Kathy S.

    I hope someday you can understand why I could no longer work with all of you. The comment from John and Judi after a meeting in the late summer, “That it’s all connected to higher ups in the Republican Party and it’s dirty politics, but it will work out in the end,” confused me. As did the comments that, “We have stuff on Larry Walker that will make his wife divorce him.”

    There comes a time in all campaigns when people must make choices of whether to proceed in a manner that will hurt their opponents in ways that are malicious. Some, of course, chose to go down that road, remember Karl Rove’s campaign against war veteran John McCain, or the Swift Boat Veterans’ against John Kerry.

    However, people can chose not to use those tactics. The hope is that they will discover earlier that the treasure at the top of the mountain (from the song) is “Peace on Earth.”

    As a lovely woman wrote recently about the situation, “I’m so tired of fighting, I want to work with people who are kind, even when they disagree. Grow the Park had the opportunity to get their point across in a respectable, dignified manner, but instead they totally trashed good kindhearted people.”

    Maybe you see me as a traitor to the “cause.” You write that I have a “cause du jour,” but that is unfair because you all know that from the beginning my goal was to carry Chuck’s vision forward of having a family recreational center in the park complete with a Boys and Girls Club. In spite of wonderful momentum and positive feedback from many in the community, you all worked very hard to sabotage those efforts and relationships, as well. And, then you boasted about this publicly. That’s the part I least understand.

    What you did was hurt good people, in ways that you may never bother to care about or understand. So, writing that we have to have “heart and not hate,” seems a little late.

    And, apparently, no amount of trying will help you understand. So be it. It’s over, in your world view you won. You won.

  23. Mary,

    You asked me to get involved in this issue. Not Kitsap County, not the Republican Party, not Jan Angel, not the ghost of Christmas past, and not the Easter Bunny… you.

    I couldn’t control your behavior, John’s behavior, or Judi’s behavior. But, I will say that I did control my own behavior. I attempted to provide leadership and direction. You praised me many times for providing astute and honorable leadership. I have the emails.

    From the beginning, when I agreed to get involved, I stated that my ground rules were simple… First, we we would work within the rules (i.e. within the law and within the bounds of rational behavior). Second, we would stay focused on the issue of better stewardship to grow the park. In fact, it was from that conversation that the slogan, “Grow the Park”, came about.

    You repeatedly spoke of conspiracy theories. I repeatedly tried to keep things on track with facts and rational procedure.

    Eventually, you flipped on the issue. In the process, you changed your agenda. You emailed me and asked me to get aboard with this new agenda. I said, “No”, and explained that you were getting the cart before the horse about architectural plans for a community center. Again, I have the emails.

    Unfortunately, you didn’t seem to realize that Chuck Jeu’s memorial fund wasn’t yours to commit. NW Parks Foundation tried to explain that to you. You wouldn’t listen to them either.

    I stand behind my behavior. I stand behind my position on the issues and the facts that I have asserted (which I’ve also well documented).

    You have a reputation in the community and I have a reputation in the community. I’m content to let the credibility chips fall where they may.

    Kathryn Simpson

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