Art Show at South Kitsap High

The South Kitsap High School Senior Art Show, with an artists’ reception to be held this Friday evening, will feature photography, art, ceramics, jewelry, entertainment and more.

Having seen recent examples of SKHS students’ art while on assignment at the school, I can testify to the quality of work you’re likely to see at this event. The Highlighters, the school’s elite choral group, will perform, and there will be more than 350 photographs, 100 drawings, paintings, ceramics and CADD (computer assisted design) displays. Visitors can vote on the “Best of Show.”

Artwork and photographs will continue to be displayed from June 4-6.

For more information, contact Robert Davis, photography instructor, at (360) 874-5678.

One thought on “Art Show at South Kitsap High

  1. Our families thoughts and prayers goes out to the Moores Family. We know what you are going though, our son died the same way in January about a mile from where your daughter passed. We have and still are feeling the pain that your family is dealing with, but just know that she has gone to heaven to watch over everyone.

    God Bless-The Brooks Family

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