Port Orchard Man Wins Big in Lottery

Reporter Josh Farley posted the following story on the Kitsap Sun’s Web site earlier today. It’s about 79-year-old George Stark, a Port Orchard resident who won $270,000 on a lottery ticket. After paying off his mortgage, Stark and his wife Monica will likely donate part of their winnings to charity.
“At my age money doesn’t mean that much,” Stark said in the press release.

What would you do if you won big in the lottery?

Read Josh’s story below.

Port Orchard Man Wins State Lottery

By JOSH FARLEY, jfarley@kitsapsun.com
May 1, 2007

A 79-year-old Port Orchard man collected a $270,000 check from Washington’s Lottery after winning the “Hit 5” jackpot, according to the lottery commission.

George Stark went to Saar’s Market Place in Port Orchard Thursday after seeing the winning numbers — 11-12-27-29-32 — in the morning paper.

The Sunlink.com
The clerk at Saar’s announced he had won over the public address system.

The retired carpenter said he’ll likely donate some of the money to charity.

“At my age money doesn’t mean that much,” Stark said in the press release. “But I know it will mean a lot to those charities and the communities that they serve.”

He and his wife Monica also plan to pay off their mortgage and “cushion” their retirement fund.

4 thoughts on “Port Orchard Man Wins Big in Lottery

  1. I would build a bigger garage to hold the dozen or more recumbent trikes to loan out to physically challenged folks to ride.(as a group)

    I would hire a physical therapist who is trained and knows how valuable the recumbent trike is and that person would take all those interested for fitness training (in cooperation with their personal doc)

    Folks would learn how much they can do to live a quality life and have fun doing it.

    The recumbent trike is a God-send for lung folks, seniors, physically challenged people who should be living a quality life of action and exercise.

    I would start a recumbent trike club and schedule twice a week rides around the county.

    I would pay for weekly trike rides and races inside Bremerton’s super ice rink … easy to breathe on the ice… for all interested.

    The money would help pay for cycling paths through out our area, that folks can hop on their recumbent trikes, go shopping, meet friends, have fun.

    Next is Harrison Medical Center to hire a top rated, gifted Pulmonologist to head a Pulmonary Department.

    Lung patients usually die from heart failure…and Harrison’s Heart Department is tops … but it is a shame lung people have to go that long …

    If anything is left, it can go for COPD and Sarcoidosis lung research at the University of Washington Medical Center.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Congratulations to the Starks. I have long fantasized about how to use a huge lottery win. It would be fun to think of all the things you could do, from sending kids to college who might not otherwise have a chance to creating the family recreatinal center that Chuck Jeu envisioned to offering people start up loans to start new businesses. It would be a lot of fun. So, good luck to the Starks. Enjoy!

  3. Sharon,

    You have recumbent trikes? I just bought a used recumbent bike. Can’t ride a regular bike (for any length of time) because of an accident a few years ago.

    I love my recumbent. I also love that I can finally get back out and get some exercise again. I considered a recumbent trike, but couldn’t find one inexpensive enough that “felt right”.

    Funny how we can find common interests in the strangest of places.

    As for winning the lottery… I’d start a non-profit organization that gave 6th and 7th graders scholarships to travel the country for a month and learn about America. I’d hire the best and brightest teachers to inspire and educate them for a month. Of course, I’d be a participant (tour director?) because all I’d want for a paycheck is seeing the awesome wonder in the eyes of a child who experiences places like New York City, Washington D.C., the Florida Keys, Alaska’s Glaciers, Yellowstone, or the Grand Canyon for the first time. ;=)

    I would hope it would teach them that there is so much out in the world for them that they would value their education and be inspired to pursue their own “American Dreams”.

    Kathryn Simpson

  4. Kathryn … if you win…you might consider traveling with the kids by cycling around the country…to add to their learning experience and see first hand the wonders of our country…history and people.

    I used to drive frequently between Port Townsend and Bellingham and really enjoyed the scenic drive by car.

    Taking the Port Townsend ferry with the American Lung Association of Washington’s Trek Tri Island, riding my recumbent trike off the ferry on Whidbey Island was an exhilarating experience.
    The other 300 or so two wheel bikers passed quickly and I leaned back in my seat and slowly pedaled around the harbor inhaling the early morning air.
    Pedaling over Deception Pass was awesome.

    You and your kids would feel like one with the earth, smile and chat with the passing people … a great learning experience and bonding with the people in every town you cycle through.

    Can you imagine the local kids riding alongside your group of kids and learning about each other? Why, the local kids would show your kids the wonders of their area… stuff car riders never see.

    If you should win the lottery, I’ll be one of the first to cheer you on.

    Recumbent bike people are pretty special, particularly those who can balance on a two wheel recumbent. ( The world’s fastest bike speed was and is set by a recumbent bike)…you’re riding a speedy bike in comfort.
    Sharon O’Hara

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