Baby Dawn to be Buried Thursday

She has a name and soon she’ll have a proper burial.

“Dawn” is the name chosen by staff at the county coroner’s office for the newborn infant, formerly known as “Baby Doe,” who was found April 5, 2006, in a plastic bag on Bielmeier Road. Since then, the coroner’s office with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office have tried to determine the circumstances of her death.

“She saw the dawn of her life and little more,” said Coroner Greg Sandstrom. “Although the investigation continues, it is time to put this precious baby to rest.”

Rill Chapel has donated a burial plot and marker. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Sunset Lane Cemetery. All are invited to attend.

One thought on “Baby Dawn to be Buried Thursday

  1. My wife and I attended the funeral for baby “Dawn” yesterday and I came away from there with many emotions. First of all was the terrible event that occurred on 04/02/06 when a precious infant lived for only minutes and then was disposed of along side a county road. For one year our local county officials have searched for those who may have been responsible for that tragedy, but there were no answers to the questions. Most of those county officials attended the burial celebration of this tiny infant; but also many local citizens were there as well. Baby Dawn is in heaven and I am sure that God and His angels are rejoicing for that, but somewhere here there is at least one mother that made an unwise decision and has regretted it from the day it happened. The chaplain that lead the ceremony remembered her and urged her to contact him; I know he would offer good counseling and advice for her and perhaps she could be repentant and healed; that would be my thought and prayer. It was good to see so many people attend the ceremony and I am certain that in heaven, a little angel rejoiced.

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