3 thoughts on “SKHS Class of ’76 Where Are You?

  1. I graduated from South Kitsap HS in 1977. I have not heard about our reunion either. Maybe classes of 76 and 77 can join together this time. I had a lot of friends who were a year ahead of me back then.

    I would like to reconnect with “old” friends. I have lived in Sacramento, CA since 1985 and would love to see how my old friends are doing.

  2. Hey, it’s almost the end of July and I thought for sure I’d find something about a 30 year reunion for the class of ’77, but I guess not? I think a reunion of ’76, ’77 AND .’78 would be interesting…..

  3. The class reunion is Sat. 8/17 at Clearwater Casino in Poulsbo. If you need further info let me know.
    Hope we have a good turn out. I also have friends and brother Tom that graduated in 76. Maybe sometime in the future we can combine the two.

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