Code 911

Today I am filling in for crime reporter Josh Farley in reporting items listed under Code 911. A couple of items related to South Kitsap caught my eye. The first pertains to a female Army soldier arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. The second refers to a drug bust at the aptly named “Pot Hole Place.”

Malicious Mischief Caused by Soldier after Bad Dream
South Kitsap
Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of domestic abuse at 1:42 a.m. Friday at the home on the 10000 block of Horizon Lane SE in South Kitsap and arrested a woman of suspicion of malicious mischief and domestic violence.
The caller said she had been arguing with her daughter, an Army soldier who had recently returned from Iraq. The mother said her daughter had damaged property in the house.

She said her daughter has spent almost seven years in the Army and had recently been deployed to Iraq. About two years ago, she was transferred out of Iraq and returned to the U.S. for medical reasons, the mother said. The mother reported her daughter has been dealing with mental health issues and is suspected of abusing drugs. A few days ago, she stated, the daughter went AWOL from the Army and didn’t return home. On Friday, she arrived home, and began yelling and “carrying on,” said her mother, who decided to leave her alone. Suddenly the woman began kicking the wall and bathroom door.
Deputies observed an 8-inch hole in the hallway wall and a bathroom door pushed out of its frame with a 10-inch hole at the bottom.
The suspect was taken into custody, with bail set at $5,000. She later told the reporting deputy that she had been sleeping in her bed and waking up from a bad dream. She thought she was late for work, and began arguing with her mother, which, she said, is an ongoing issue.
Asked about the holes in the wall, the suspect at first said her father did the damage, but later admitted she was responsible.

Pot Growers Busted at Pot Hole Place
South Kitsap
A South Kitsap couple were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of manufacture of marijuana, after sheriff’s detectives, a patrol deputy and a community corrections officer from the Washington State Department of Corrections responded to a report about a possible growing operation at a residence in the 6000 Block of Pot Hole Place SW.
The place reeked of marijuana, a sheriff’s report stated. Detectives noted the odor from outside the house and garage.
A 49-year-old Belfair woman was detained as she left the house. She admitted to having ingested the pot with the homeowners. The woman was later found to have marijuana in her possession, which she said was given to her by the male suspect.
Confronted by detectives, the first suspect, a 50-year-old male, denied any knowledge of illegal narcotics.
Detectives obtained a search warrant and found 42 marijuana plants in the garage. Three rifles and some processed marijuana were found in the house. The male suspect was found to have more than $1,000 cash in his wallet.
His wife, 42, was also booked on suspicion of manufacturing marijuana. Bail for each suspect has been set at $10,000. The Belfair woman was released at the scene, and a report about her was forwarded to the prosecutors office for review.

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