SK Board Taking a Bond “Breather”

The South Kitsap School District Board of Directors have agreed to give the public, and themselves, a break.
The board will not run a reconstituted version of the district’s failed $163.2 million capital facilities bond this spring. Instead, school board president Patty Henderson announced today, another bond election will wait until the general election in November.
Almost immediately after results of the election were posted March 13 — showing the measure had fallen about eight percentage points short of the required 60 percent super majority — some bond supporters pushed for running the measure again at the earliest possible opportunity in May. But after a work study meeting Wednesday, attended by about 40 community members, the board concluded that the voters they hope to reach would not be receptive to seeing the measure again so soon. In addition, board and community members who worked toward passing the bond over the past months said they are, in a word, pooped.
“We need to take a little breather,” said Henderson. “We don’t feel the momentum is there at this point. And the voters spoke pretty loudly.”
Read the compete story later today at the Kitsap Sun’s Web site.

5 thoughts on “SK Board Taking a Bond “Breather”

  1. I would love to get involved in the process. I can reach a large demographic—the families that are starting out in life and may not understand the importance of this issue. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  2. Everyone interested in trying to get their comments to the board of directors before the decision is made to put something back on the ballot must keep in mind the need for the board to tell the Auditor well ahead of time.

    The election might be in Nov., but the decision by the board will have to occur no later than the first week of September.

    I’m assuming it will be made in July-Aug. time frame. If so, then the next 3-4 months would be the only time to say anything more than “approved” or “rejected” to whatever is ordered to be placed on the ballot by the board of directors.

    I hope this time the critics will speak up before it’s too late to make any change at all to the ballot proposition.

    And, of course I hope that the board of directors will reassess everything, rather than merely sticking with what they decided last October.

    Maybe for a little while I can lend them the use of my personal motto when starting any significant task: “It was always done wrong before, even when I did it.”

  3. With so many new young families coming into the area, the word needs to get out to them to: 1) make sure they are registered to vote, and 2) actually vote. I wonder how many new families living in South Kitsap are not even registered to vote yet. I also wonder how different the poll results would have been if everyone who has a vested interest in South Kitsap Schools (and South Kitsap for that matter), would have voted.

    -Chip Augello

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