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3 thoughts on “Howe Now Howe Farm?

  1. Hurray for the Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Howe Park is a real gem but for many years, that property languished. Expanding educational opportunities there provides the kids with hands-on experiences in a unique and natural setting while also exposing the public to the property’s local historical heritage.

    I read some of the concerns about the busloads of kids stomping around the grounds but that can also be an opportunity to teach the importance of responsible conservationism and the “leave no trace” concepts. I still remember a trip I took to Neah Bay in Jr. High where we walked on a mile-long raised boardwalk path over the fragile terrain. I thought “Man, these must be some *really* important plants”.

  2. “… she and many others enjoy using the park in its undeveloped state, and she fears increased activity will disrupt both wildlife and the tranquility of the property….”
    The problem is…such an unprotected place will be trashed and vandalized … not, I am sure, what the Howes would want….their property wasted.

    The Howe Farm deserves its place in our county as the treasure it is.
    Using it educationally, in keeping with the land and opportunity, is a great idea… and a proper extension of taking its past life forward into one of even greater use….
    Sharon O’Hara

  3. Howe Farm should be left alone, just as it currently is. This travesty by the South Kitsap School District and WSU Kitsap County Extension is a cheap land grab. Isn’t there anywhere else these agricultural needs can be satisfied?

    Sure, we need more farmers, let’s train-up the kids, why study math and science?

    Sadly, many people from North Pierce County, near Gig Harbor, also enjoy the park as the excellent off-leash area it is now.

    Once the development is completed, all us dog lovers can go to the Farm for real.

    How will it even be possible for anyone else to enjoy Howe Farm while all else is going on? This is a very single-minded use of COMMUNITY PROPERTY, not just 4-H school kids, and Wazzu.
    I can hardly wait

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