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Why are right turns only allowed at alternate Winco egress?

The in basket: Don Diehl, who lives on Madrona Point Drive in Bremerton was distressed to find that what used to be the stub of Arsenal Way across Kitsap Way from Shorewood no longer can be used to turn left onto Kitsap Way or go straight across onto Shorewood, which is the only way to get to and from Madrona Point.
Signs there say only right turns are permitted. He goes straight across to get to the new Winco store, and would like to return the same way, but the signs prohibit it. Emergency vehicles, such as the fire trucks and aid cars at the Bremerton fire station there, are exempted.
Don wondered why the restriction was put on civilian vehicles.
The out basket: That intersection is very close to the new one built as part of the Winco project, and both have traffic signals. To avoid creating additional congestion on Kitsap Way, the two signals work together and two movements are forbidden at the older of the two intersections to maximize green time on Kitsap Way.
Don and other residents of Shorewood Drive and Madrona Point leaving Winco now can legally turn left only at the new intersection, then right on Shorewood to get to there homes.
Don said a Bremerton police officer he spotted in his patrol car in the Winco parking lot told him going straight across Kitsap Way at the older intersection still is permitted, but that was incorrect.
Gunnar Fridriksson of the city street engineers said some drivers are going straight despite the sign, but that is a traffic violation.
I told him that when the city of Port Orchard forbade left turns out of its post office on Bethel Road, it put up a row of pylons to prevent them. Gunnar said Bremerton didn’t have that option as it would interfere with fire trucks making the turn. And it sounds like straight-across traffic on Shorewood from north to south still is allowed and pylons would prevent that too.

Shorewood Drive signal on Kitsap Way misbehaving

The in basket: My grandson-in-law, Steven Christensen of the Lake Symington area, told me at a holiday dinner that he had run into a frustrating situation at the Shorewood Drive traffic signal on Kitsap Way in Bremerton on his way to and from graveyard shift duty at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton.

The signal has been defaulting to green on the side street and red on Kitsap Way, resulting in long and unnecessary waits for those, like him, on Kitsap Way.

Whenever he gets stopped at a red light at the next signal north, he can see the Shorewood Drive light,  Steven said. When a car is waiting at the red-light on Kitsap Way, it eventually will turn green, letting the car proceed. But it then immediately turns red again, green for Shorewood traffic (of which there is usually none that time of night) before he can get there.

The out basket: Jeff Collins of the city of Bremerton signal shop says the contractor working on the Winco supermarket preparation had to cut the in-pavement traffic detection wires on Shorewood during storm drain work, causing the signal to conclude there are always cars waiting on Shorewood.

The problem is less noticeable during the day when Kitsap Way’s signals are coordinated with one another.

The contractor plans a temporary fix to be done this week, Jeff said. Perhaps it’s already been done.



New signal to help get to and from new Winco store

The in basket: Mike Malane of Tony’s Pizza on Kitsap Way in Bremerton and Yvonne Dean both have asked about what we can expect for traffic control at the new Winco store access on Kitsap Way.

Mike’s interest is obvious, as his business is across the highway. Yvonne says, “Kitsap Way is a very busy street and starting with Auto Center Way going toward downtown Bremerton there is a light just after the highway overpass to let (northbound) vehicles enter Kitsap Way then there is a light on Shorewood where the fire station is located and then there is this new road just across from American Legion Post 149.  Kitsap Way is has four lanes of traffic with a turn lane in the center.  How is this going to work?  Is there going to be another light?

What a mess?  Currently there are times during the day when so much traffic is coming off Highway 3 onto Kitsap Way and the light at the freeway exit road is red that cars get stuck in the intersection so the left turn vehicles can go when their light is green.”

The out basket: Gunnar Fridriksson of the city of Bremerton street engineers says, there will be a new signal at the new intersection on Kitsap Way, the principal entrance for the Bay Vista Development and Winco.

“The new signal will be interconnected to the other signals along Kitsap Way and the existing signal at Shorewood Drive will be modified and the operation simplified.  The existing signal will only be used when fire vehicles are exiting onto Kitsap Way, or when called by vehicles wanting to enter Kitsap Way from southbound Shorewood Drive, otherwise it will remain on green for the mainline.  This should help move the congestion down away from (Highway) 3 and the ramps.”