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New garbage, recycling trucks to have several benefits

The in basket: Tasha Davis used e-mail in early April to tell me about an incident on Highway 3 near Bremerton.

“A green and yellow recycle truck entered the freeway from the (Austin Drive) ramp and headed south, spewing all manner of paper out the top of the truck as it sped along,” the e-mail said. “I’m sure if the driver had looked into his rear view mirror he would have seen the ticker tape-like parade going on behind.

“Judging from the papers I found stuck in my grill, pick-up was on the Erland Point route and lots of personal information was spread around. Don’t these trucks have lids?”

The out basket: Robin Freedman, senior communications manager for Waste Management took this on when I made contact a week later, but wanted it noted that there was no mention of a Waste Management logo on the truck that would have made it indisputable that it was one of the company’s trucks. It did bear the company colors.

“I did some research and learned the following,” she said. “The majority of our vehicles (front load) have a lid on the top of the vehicles. Unfortunately, a few older models do not have a lid. Furthermore, it is a safety hazard for our drivers to climb up on the top of the truck to search for flyaway materials.

“However, there is some good news. Waste Management is replacing our fleet in your area with new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. They are sleek, shiny, new state of the art vehicles and since they are powered by CNG, they leave a much smaller carbon footprint, zero air particulates and 23 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.

“By the end of 2015, your community will see these vehicles in every neighborhood although, you may not hear them – CNG trucks are very quiet.”

Both garbage and recyclable collection trucks will be replaced, she said, and the new ones will have lids.