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Turn lanes to nowhere on Miller Bay Road


The in basket: Matt Thurston of Indianola writes, “In the midst of the current  

budget crisis with (Kitsap) County, I would like to point out some ‘waste’ as I  

see it. 

“On Miller Bay Road between Indianola Road and West Kingston Road there was construction for numerous months. Now the construction is complete.  

There is a right-hand turn lane and a center turn lane. The only problem  

is these lanes turn into a dirt lot. There is nothing there except an old  

abandoned building. 

“Just curious why my tax dollars paid for this,” he said. 

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Goodbye to old left turn light at Forest Rock Lane

The in basket: Dana Culleney and Dan Batman are among those who miss the protected/permissive left-turn signal on Highway 305 at Forest Rock Lane in Poulsbo.
“It used to be that when you approached Central Market from the north and there was a green arrow and then the green ball light that let you go,” Dana said. That is called a protected/permissive signal
As part of the widening of the highway through that stretch, they have replaced it with what’s called a protected left turn, permitting the turn only when a green arrow tells you all conflicting movements have a red light.

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