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Road work notifications present challenges

The in basket: Patty Kemp writes, “My driveway accesses directly onto Miller Bay Road (in North Kitsap).  For the past several days, there has been road construction at the top of my driveway, often blocking my access.

“Shouldn’t I have received some kind of notification this would be happening, and some indication of when it will end?”

The out basket: Doug Bear, spokesman for Kitsap County Public Works, says, “We don’t generally notify each residence personally when we do road work. For a project like this, which runs along the length of Miller Bay Road and moves in stages, the logistics of personally notifying each resident presents many challenges.

“Work like this is weather dependent and we have to be very flexible with when we can accomplish it. If we told everyone that we were going to be there Tuesday and Wednesday, but due to weather or equipment or crew availability we had to move it to Thursday and Friday, the residents would be misinformed and frustrated by those changes. Road work is always flexible, and even the best laid plan can go south quickly.

“That said, we encourage people to sign up for automatic notifications through The Road Report. We send out a weekly update to subscribers each week to let them know where we plan to be working the following week. When schedules change, we send out notifications for those changes. This allows us to notify the most people as quickly as possible when changes to the plan are necessary. To subscribe go to http://www.kitsapgov.com/pw/roadwork.htm and click on the link to subscribe. The Road Report is the best way to stay ahead of construction detours and delays.”

The Road Report entry for this project says the paving will extend from the Heritage Park to Indianola Road NE) this week. A pilot car will guide motorists through the work area. Expect significant delays of 10 minutes or more in the immediate vicinity of the work. It doesn’t say when the overall project will be completed.