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Power pole along old Wheaton awfully close to driveway

The in basket: Pete Wimmer of Silverdale e-mailed to say, “A couple of weeks ago, I went to dinner at RimNam Thai Cuisine on Wheaton Way and noticed that one of the power poles was placed in the new driveway or the new driveway was set around the pole.

“No matter which came first, this seems to be an accident waiting to happen,” he said. “Can you find out if it is in specifications and if they are going to add more markings to the pole to warn drivers?”
The out basket: This is part of the improvements to Old Wheaton Way that widened the water-side sidewalk. There are three short power poles fairly close to the curb cuts that denote future driveways near the Thai restaurant (the former Bay Bowl) and it does seem that the pole closest to the business’ front door could pose a collision hazard to a careless driver turning right into the restaurant’s driveway without slowing down enough.

It’s not in the driveway, just right beside it.

Tom Knuckey of the city’s engineering staff says,  “After looking into this, we’ve concluded that while the location of the power pole is not ideal, it will need to remain where it is.

“The issue is that alternatives for locating the pole were constrained by the wire span and pole height which limited our options during construction, and while the pole would ideally have been sited away from the driveway approach wing, it is OK to have it in the right-of-way at that location.

“If the adjacent business contacts us to request revisions, we’ll likely look at providing a reflector of some sort on the pole,” he said.