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What happened to Paulson Road project?

The in basket: Greg Salo writes, “I travel about two or three times a week on Paulson Road near Brownsville (in Central Kitsap).

“For what seems to be about a year (probably not that long), there have been covered Detour signs on both ends of Paulson Road in anticipation of the sewer pipe work that will happen some day.  In December there were signs with specific dates stating when Paulson Road would be closed.”

He saw a short article in the Kitsap Sun saying it finally would start Jan. 9,  but it didn’t and now those signs giving specific dates have been turned away from the view of drivers, he said.

“Now it is Sunday, 29 January, and Paulson Road is still open.

What is the story?”

The out basket: The county announced a delay around the first of last month. Doug Bear, spokesman for Kitsap County Public Works says, “We are waiting on materials. The work could start as early as 2/13 but may be delayed again until 2/20. We’ll post updated information on The Road Report as soon as we get confirmation on the delivery of the materials.” The Road Report is found on the county’s Web site under Public Works.




Covered ‘Detour’ signs on Walker Road and others

The in basket: Kathleen Pulici asks in an e-mail, “What is the reason for the covered-up detour signs on NW Walker Road (in Central Kitsap near) the intersection of Old Military Road where it turns into Madison Road.

“There are also covered up detour signs on both Old Military and Madison Roads,” she said.

The out basket: As with all the orange signs put up and covered with plywood in Bremerton to prepare for the Manette Bridge construction, the CK signs are harbingers of coming roadwork, though on a smaller scale.

The work actually will be on Paulson Road at Royal Creek, where work on sewer and water mains is scheduled and will close Paulson from Jan. 9 to Feb. 3. Walker, Madison and the short stretch of Old Military will be designated detour.