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Transit bus goes straight in right-only lane

The in basket: Eric Blair wrote July 25 to say, “I was traveling eastbound on Sixth Street in Bremerton this past Wednesday at 1815, and was behind a Kitsap Transit small bus. We were both in the right lane, stopped at the light at Park Avenue. Imagine my surprise when the bus continued straight through the intersection, from what is clearly marked a right turn only lane.

“I didn’t see any ‘except transit’ language on the sign. Are transit buses exempt from the new right turn only lanes in downtown Bremerton?”

The out basket: A sign is missing, as transit buses need access to the curb lane to pick up and discharge passengers and it is the city’s intent to allow them to proceed straight in the outside lane there.

And there is an “except transit” sign, just not right at the intersection. An earlier sign a half-block back saying right turns only are allowed in the outside lane has an “except transit” sign right below it. But I didn’t see it either until Gunnar Fridriksson, senior Bremerton street engineer, told me it was there and I went looking for it.

“The first sign which is about mid-block between Warren and Park has ‘Except Transit’ so the buses can legally continue through the intersection,” Gunnar said.  “We are updating the sign at the signal as well and I thought that had been completed.  Our sign shop is a bit busy these days, but I will check in with them and give a little reminder we need to get this done.”

Is that a roundabout going in at 4th and Park?

The in basket: I was heading east on Fourth Street approaching Warren Avenue in Bremerton when looking ahead I noticed that the upcoming intersection at Park Avenue, where the new theaters are being built, had a lot of work going on.

I drove down there and found what looked like a new roundabout under construction. There was a roundabout-style sign posted in the intersection, directing drivers around the center of the intersection.

I’m a big fan of roundabouts but I know not everyone is. It seemed like this one has been flying under the radar.

The out basket: It may look like one now, but it won’t be a roundabout when completed, says Brian Fyall, a consultant with the city on the development in that area. It will be a flat granite feature depicting an anchor and four points of the compass. Traffic will pass over it in a traditional intersection alignment.

“The roundabout style sign is a temporary measure,” he said. “The contractor needs to pour a a concrete subbase for the granite accent,” so the middle of the intersection is off-limits for now.

Detection loop acting up at Park and 11th

The in basket: Gary Reed wrote in mid-July to say, “I’ve noticed the traffic signals at 11th Street and Park Avenue (in Bremerton) are defaulting to green on Park and red on 11th.  

“The last several weeks I along with several other cars have stopped on 11th to wait while the cycle runs,” he said, “only there has been no traffic on Park. Is this an intentional revision or is there something amiss with the controller?”

The out basket: There’s a problem with the controller, says Jeff Collins, who heads the city signal shop. 

“We are having some trouble with the detection loops,” he said. “The ones on Park keep sticking on and have to be reset.

“The loops need replacing but until finances get better we will continue to reset them when we get notified,” he said. Call (360) 473-5920 from 7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday-Friday to report this or any water, sewer, traffic

sign and traffic signal issues in the city. Leave a message after hours.