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Woods/Mile Hill signal changes for no apparent reason

The in basket: Dave Dahlke of Port Orchard writes, “What’s with the light on Woods Road/Mile Hill Drive? When I went through there Sunday and Monday mornings it turned red for the east/west traffic on Mile Hill Drive when there were no cars going north or south on Woods.”

The out basket: Daren Miller, signal supervisor for Kitsap County Public Works, says, “Both Mile Hill and Woods Road use video (traffic) detection. The pluses of video detection is that you have no problem with detection of motorcycles/bicycles and when you repave a road you do not have to replace costly detection loops that are installed in the pavement.

“The drawback of video detection is that if something changes in the camera’s field of view –  shadow across the drive lane caused by the angle of sun on trees or poles – it will put in a call to the controller to change the signal.

“Cars are detected because they cause a change in the camera’s detection field. The south side of Mile Hill at Woods has trees at the intersection that create shadows at this time of year. We are working on a solution.”