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Promised Chico Way repaving yet to happen

The in basket: Ian MacKenzie writes to followup on a Road Warrior column from last October regarding Chico Way in Central Kitsap.

“At that time, Sam Watland commented on the recent substandard patching of Chico Way that had just occurred,” Ian noted. “Doug Bear at Kitsap County Public Works indicated it was only prep work for a scheduled asphalt overlay of Chico Way that was to occur in late spring or early summer of 2015.

“Well, we are about at the end of summer 2015 and there is no indication that this new asphalt overlay is going to take place. In fact, they even re-striped the existing roadway that is still riddled with all the bad patching that took place last fall. What happened to the plans?”

I asked about it, noting the electronic signs on Lund Avenue in South Kitsap, which also got dig-outs (also called full-depth patching) last year, that say Lund will be repaved beginning Aug. 31. I asked if both are examples of a prep-now, pave-later approach.

The out basket: The Chico Way plans have changed, said county Road Superintendent Jacques Dean, and the paving there now is scheduled for 2016.

“It is common practice for us to maintain our roadways in this fashion,” he said. “Prior to a scheduled resurfacing of either asphalt overlay or chip seal, deteriorated areas are repaired, by either one or a combination of full depth patching, pre-leveling, crack sealing, fog sealing, etc.

“If we fail to complete this preparation work prior to resurfacing, the underlying deficiencies will soon reflect back up through the new road surface, defeating the purpose of the maintenance work.

“Most typically, resurfacing work is completed immediately following the preparation work during the same year.  Sometimes the preparation work is completed a year or more in advance.  This is usually dictated be weather, work windows and/or availability of equipment and crew.

“Both Lund Avenue and Chico Way were littered with areas of significant alligator cracking and potholing.  These deficiencies needed immediate attention to preclude further, and expanding deterioration.

“On Lund Avenue, it was our intent to complete an asphalt overlay immediately following the preparation work. We were not able to accomplish this work due to the onset of inclement weather, and as such, the overlay was rescheduled for this year.

“The preparation work on Chico Way was completed in advance of a planned overlay that will be completed by a contractor through a grant-funded County Road Project (CRP) in 2016.  This project was originally scheduled for 2015, but was rescheduled for 2016 due to a robust CRP schedule in 2015.”

Bethel Avenue work in 2015 to be done where it will last

The in basket: For what I’m sure is a lot interest in when Bethel Road in South Kitsap will be made more drivable, John Susan is the only one who has asked me about it in 2014. He was moved to follow up his April inquiry with another this fall when he noticed that Lund Avenue to the east of Bethel had just gotten some full-depth patching, often called dig-outs.

“They worked on Lund, which was much better off than Bethel,” he said, adding that just repairing the sunken manholes on Bethel would have been a better use of the money.

The out basket: Different jurisdictions, John. Port Orchard annexed the Bethel corridor a few years ago and has been searching for money to accomplish short- and long-term upgrades of Bethel, as well as the city’s double-round-about plan for Tremont Street.

The Lund Avenue patching was done by the county, The city limits end just west of Hoover Avenue.

News coverage of Port Orchard City Council budget talks that included money for Bethel Avenue said 2015 work will be at the Lund-Bethel intersection. I wondered how broad that would be defined and whether it would extend up to the Walmart  traffic signal, where it seems the ride is the roughest.

Mark Dorsey, Port Orchard public works director, says, “The city will focus the 2015 asphalt repair work at Bethel-Lund, since this area will not be affected by future design modifications associated with the future Bethel corridor redesign.

“A complete grind and overlay is proposed. I do not have specific limits of yet, but it will not extend to Walmart. That will more than likely be 2016…and not a complete grind and overlay, but specific grind-outs with repair.

“The complete repair work is estimated at $1.7 million,” he said, “so the city needs to break the work up into affordable segments.”

Lund Avenue partly done. What’s next?

The in basket: Kitsap County paid prompt attention this spring to the condition of Lund Avenue between Bethel and Sidney avenues in South Kitsap, the subject of reader complaints about the lack of visible striping to delineate traffic lanes. They put a new grinding machine to work there recessing the reflective lane markers to lessen recurrence of the past winter’s loss of the markers to snow plow blades and other winter travel operations. They also applied new stripes.

But they didn’t recess the markers on the bridge across the Blackjack Creek canyon and stopped all work at the city limits, which are well short of Sidney Avenue. 

I asked the county and city what the future holds.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer, said “We are evaluating the possibility of grindouts on the bridge. We have to check the depth of the asphalt on the bridge deck to be sure there is sufficient depth for the work without causing damage to the rebar or some other part of the structure.”

The county does Port Orchard’s striping, says the city’s public works director Mark Dorsey, and conversations have just begun about when county crews will continue the restriping west of where it stopped at the city limits. The city pays the county for that work.

Mark said he expects the county to propose use of the recessed reflectors along that city stretch, and he will wait to see what that would cost and whether it fits into his budget.

Traffic signal requested at Lund and Hoover

The in basket: Jim Herron of Hoover Avenue in South Kitsap, on behalf of his wife, Shirley, wonders if a traffic signal might be installed and made active for part of the day on Lund Avenue at Hoover Avenue. 

“In the afternoon, when school buses join the regular traffic

waiting at the Hoover/Lund intersection for a break in the Lund

traffic,” he said, “cars and buses line up nearly to the Lincoln Avenue

intersection near the South Kitsap School District administration

offices.  Most times of the day, there are seldom more than three

or four vehicles waiting, but at that one time of day, it really

backs up.”

They’d like to see a traffic signal operating “during that particularly busy hour.

“We don’t really need it the rest of the time, although, of course,

it would be nice for those entering Lund from Hoover, but that

would inconvenience the much heavier regular traffic on Lund,” he noted.

The out basket: Help is on the way, but not for a few years and making use of it will require a circuitous route for buses and Hoover traffic.

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says the county has evaluated a signal at Lund and Harris Road two streets to the east of Hoover, and expects to include it in next year’s six-year road plan.  

“Once on the plan, it will probably be five or six years before the signal is installed,” he said. “That would provide signalized access to Lund for buses and would alleviate the situation your reader describes at Lund and Harris. To use such a new light, the traffic Jim mentions would have to bypass Hoover and reach Harris via McKinley.

No light is planned at Harris and Lund, intermittent or otherwise.