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Striping in a tight S-curve is no picnic

The in basket: Bob Cairns of Olalla says, “Recently lower Banner Road in Olalla was restriped with the exception of the very dangerous s-curves whose lines are obscured, doubtless, in large measure, from being ridden or crossed over by traffic.

“Was this an oversight? Does the county plan to return and restripe this area?”

The out basket: It’s a logistical thing, says Jeff Shea, Kitsap County’s traffic engineer.

“Sharp corners like this are very challenging for a striping crew,” he said. “As good as they are, this situation is nearly impossible to restripe after the original stripe is painted.”

He attached a photo of what can result from trying.  “Each subsequent line is slightly off the original which makes the line look like a solid very wide line,” he said.

“Safety is also a factor on sharp limited visibility corners such as this. The striper maintains a constant speed when striping to get the required thickness of paint. At the same time it is essential that the driver be watching the centerline for a straight true line. Add the difficulty of a large truck with a long wheel base which makes cornering even more difficult.

“So it is pretty easy to see how difficult it would be for the driver to maintain speed while trying to maneuver a sharp limited visibility corner, not to mention narrow road with oncoming traffic.

“We are looking at alternative methods for the centerline, either thermoplastic line or raised pavement markings.  Either solution should make the corner very visible and easier to maneuver while staying in the correct lane of traffic,” he said.

Highway 3 south of Gorst to get rumble strip soon

The in basket: Jack Egbert e-mailed to say, “The editorial cartoon in a recent Kitsap Sun featured the terrible accident reputation of Highway 3 between Gorst and Belfair.

“Why has the state not installed a ‘rumble strip’ down the center line like it has done from Belfair to Shelton and other accident-prone two-lane highways with higher speed limits?” Jack asked.  “The ‘rumble strip’ alerts the driver when crossing the center line and would be an improved safety feature.  This strip would also make the reflectors last longer.”

The out basket: A timely question. Lisa Copeland of the Olympic Region of state highways says nearly seven miles of that stretch of highway will get the center line rumble strip in the next few months.

“The project was awarded this week to Apply-a-Line, Inc. and (work) will take place in late summer/early fall,” she said.