Chico Way repaving called unnecessary

The in basket: Dan Talbot of Bremerton thinks the recent repaving of Chico Way was unnecessary.

“(It) was in great shape,” he said. “Why is it now being resurfaced when there are so many other roads in the area that are a mess? What are the priorities in determining which roads need resurfacing?”

The out basket: Jacques Dean, road superintendent for Kitsap County replies, “In actuality, Chico Way was not in great condition.  There were significant areas of degradation (primarily alligator and longitudinal cracking) throughout the length of Chico Way that we were forced to repair in 2014.

“At around the same time we were completing pavement repairs, Federal Highways issued a call for preservation projects. They offered funding for projects on federally functional classified roadways…in other words, arterial and collector roadways…and in urban areas only.”


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