Why not a three-way stop on McWilliams & Old Military?

The in basket: Jowdy Randall thinks a Kitsap County project is a waste of money.

“I have noticed the survey markings of turn lanes being installed at the intersection of Old Military and McWilliams roads,” Jowdy said. “This (will) entail the buying of private property, and extensive construction.

“A much simpler and less costly answer would be to install two more stop signs to go with the one already (there). This (would) make the whole intersection much safer. The turn lanes and purchase of land seem like such a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The out basket: Dick Dadisman , the county’s project manager, says, “The McWilliams Road / Old Military Road  intersection improvement project is a safety improvement scheduled for construction this spring/summer.  The project constructs intersection and channelization improvements designed to alleviate congestion, improve operational efficiency and improve safety for the traveling public.

“A detailed traffic study was prepared by the Kitsap County Traffic Division prior to commencing design.  This study evaluated various improvement alternatives, including the addition of stop signs.

“(It) reviewed the current traffic conditions, roadway operational characteristics and collision history, concluding with the best solution for improved safety being to construct a left-turn lane on eastbound McWilliams Road at the intersection.  In addition, this project also widens the roadway to increase bicycle safety and construct sidewalks with handicap ramps for improved pedestrian safety.”

Making it a multi-way stop-controlled intersection would decrease the efficiencies of this intersection, he said. “The two roads are vastly different with the number of daily vehicle trips on NE McWilliams Road (an arterial) over twice as large as the trips on Old Military Road NE (a collector).  Arterial roads are designed to move traffic, and making this a multi-way stop controlled intersection will vastly decrease the level of service on NE McWilliams Road.”


2 thoughts on “Why not a three-way stop on McWilliams & Old Military?

  1. If they put a 3 way stop there, that would cause such a traffic backup. I drive that way all the time and even with no stop sign, there can be several cars heading down that way from 303 or Safeway. I believe that the writer of this letter probably lives down Old Military rd and will get stuck at the stop sign waiting to get out. And the writer probably ends up jumping out into traffic and has some close calls with either getting t-boned or rear ended. I will say this though, that there is a huge blind spot at that intersection, going towards 303 or coming off Old Military. When I go over the top of the hill there is always someone who jumps out in front of me and I have to slam on my brakes, because from either direction you cant see if anyone is coming or jumping out. So a turn lane might help the flow of traffic moving, but it is still a dangerous spot. A 3-way stop sign would help prevent accidents but then you may end up with traffic backed up all the way down the hill to the 303. Drive Safe

    1. I drive this 2 – 6 times a day for years and never once had or seen a problem..I have no doubt this change is just going to bring on another problem

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