Snow plows used in windstorm cleanup

The in basket: E. G. DeMare writes, “Please tell me who authorized the (blade-down) Kitsap County snow plow coming through Spirit Ridge (north of Silverdale) at 1:30 pm on Monday, March  14.  I suspect they were thinking it would clear away the branches dropped by the previous day’s wind storm.  They somehow missed my side of the street!

“I would like to see the names and cost-benefit analysis for this adventure published in the Kitsap Sun!”

Use of snow plows in windstorm cleanup was a new one on me. I asked the county about it.

The out basket: Doug Bear, Kitsap County Public Works’ spokesman, replies, “It is one of the tools we use to clean up storm debris. Using a snow plow reduces the time to clear storm debris from the road. It also reduces the staff needed to accomplish this. We also use a chipper as well as pickup trucks with trailers where we throw larger branches to be chipped later. “Using the plow where roads have large volumes of storm debris is cost effective and allows us to get more done in a short time.”


2 thoughts on “Snow plows used in windstorm cleanup

  1. The County did an amazing job on cleaning the roads after the latest storms. Using the snowplows was a brilliant way to clear all the branches off the road to make them passable quickly. We really appreciate how hard the County works on our roads and roadsides to keep them in top condition. Thank you!

    BTW Californians often call that rolling right turn a “Hollywood stop.”

  2. Ya to bad they could not come grind up the huge pile that I have by my house. When the branches break off and end up in the street, I try to pick them up before a car hits them. I made a pile a few months ago and when the Waste Mgnt. truck came by, I told him I picked up all the branches from along the street and whether or not he could take them. I was told no, because I don’t have a yard waste account. So I took my time to clean up the street for nothing. So now I just keep building up the pile right next to the road after all the wind storms.

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