Anderson Hill/SR3 interchange no more than a gleam in someone’s eye for now

The in basket: Bill Freitas writes, “Having lived on Rooney Road NW in Silverdale from ’92 – ’00, then moving away for 15 years before returning to the Kitsap County (Bremerton) last year, I’m amazed that there is still no interchange at Highway 3 and NW Anderson Hill Road / Provost Road in Silverdale.

“With all the new development that has occurred between ’00 and ’16, and what is planned in the near future, I would think that an interchange at this crossroads would be at the top of the planner’s list of projects to do before they allow more residential/business development in that region.

“This interchange would also reduce the amount of traffic entering Silverdale from the south, and the Kitsap Mall exits. It would also give people another choice in getting to the Trails Shopping Center…….as well as the nearby residents and businesses that would benefit from it.

“Then of course there is the increased traffic the future new Central Kitsap High School will create.”

The out basket: This is the first I’ve heard this idea in several years, and the last time I think was a preliminary planning process for Silverdale. And I’ve understood the state to be reluctant to create interchanges within three miles of one another, though you’ll see them much closer.

Whether there remains support for the idea in Silverdale, there are no plans for it.

Claudia Bingham-Baker, spokeswoman for the Olympic Region of state highways, says, “There are no plans at present to build, or even to study the effects of building, an interchange at SR 3 and Anderson Hill Road. We would need direction and funding from the Legislature to take on those tasks.

“In general, our goal for minimum spacing between adjacent interchanges is one mile in urban areas, three miles on the Interstate in rural areas, and two miles on non-Interstate in rural areas. The area you referenced is just under one mile from the nearest interchange.”


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