Parked cars on Dickey Road are OK

The in basket: Peter Wimmer asks, “What is the legality of continued parking on a county road? Along Dickey Road in Silverdale, there are three vehicles that park just far enough off of the road, a couple of feet, from the pavement everyday for over a month. They are not abandoned, I see them warming up as I go to work in the morning, and are not normally there during the day. They seem to belong to the residents on Discovery Ridge Court. It looks to be an unsafe parking area and I wasn’t too worried until there was a large black trailer parked over night further down the road closer to the road and unable to see it in the dark.
“I do not know if it was with the three others, but it lends to telling people it is OK to park along the roads, not a habit I want people to get in to.
“Also, the shoulder area by the three vehicles is now getting rutted up from the rain and parking of vans and a truck. Is there anything to be done?
The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, replies, “As long as the vehicles are off the travel way and not abandoned it would not constitute a parking violation. As for the darkness of the trailer, it is required to have red reflectivity (as all street legal vehicles are) to the rear.”

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