Seabeck Highway pavement patching called ‘horrible’

The in basket: Craig Ellis says, “There appears to be some paving work that has yet to be done on
Seabeck Highway in and around the new roundabout at the intersection of Seabeck Highway/Holly Road. I am under the assumption that this paving will be taking place over the next few days.
“My question has to do with how far this paving will extend. As you
are aware, (Puget Sound Energy) tore up the center lane of Seabeck Highway all the way from Triangle Auto Repair near Chico to the Holly Road intersection. When they were finished, what we were left with is a
patch of paving running down the center of the lane that is in a word … horrible. When I’m on my motorcycle, I actually have taken to going all the way down to Newberry Hill Road to get to Holly because
that stretch of road is actually dangerous.
“So my main question is …. during this paving project window on
Seabeck Highway, will it extend all the way down to Chico to correct
the paving job that currently exists?”

The out basket: The stretch from Northlake Way to Calamity Lane will be repaved in the one lane that was trenched and repatched, but it’s not part of the county’s project.

The county found that the patch job in the westbound lane of Seabeck Highway did not repair the highway adequately and is requiring PSE to grind out the existing pavement surface and repave it. Dale Robinson, PSE engineering planner for this area, says they want it to be finished by year’s end, much sooner if possible.

I wondered if the undergrounding of the power lines would permit removal of some or all of the power poles, and the answer is no. One of two circuits running out of the Chico substation and serving Holly Road and beyond will remain on those poles, as will cable and phone lines.

Dale said three power poles were removed, but that was to make way for the roundabout the county just built where Seabeck Highway and Holly Road intersect,

The county’s job will pave both lanes radiating out from the roundabout for a short distance.

2 thoughts on “Seabeck Highway pavement patching called ‘horrible’

  1. Sounds exactly like what happened in Silverdale. They did a crummy job patching, and even the places they did a full repaving (near Central Kitsap High School) the road is in worse shape than it was before they started. Is this because we are always using the lowest bidder? Is it because the county doesn’t do proper inspections? Or are the inspectors all driving top of the line luxury vehicles that perform better on bumpy roads than your average car? Does this coincide with jobs bid/won since Ace Paving went out of business?

  2. They did a terrible job with the chip seal on Madrona around Village Greens Golf Course. Rougher then before the “fix” and ruined the bicycle path on the sidewalk side, built a big ridge right down the middle. They didn’t even clean off the loose rocks before restriping. It looks and drives terrible.

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