Central Valley Road project creates curiosity

The in basket: Art Hammond wrote on Aug. 19 , “I am sure that not only am I curious; but countless others must be.  What is happening on Central Valley Road between Fairgrounds, and McWilliams?  I see yesterday a curb was put up. They are clearing off and filling in wetlands, etc. I see they put in curbs in the driveway, too, now.

“Wonder if they are following suit with North Kitsap, and building a school in the wetlands? Any idea??”

The out basket: Art had to explain the North Kitsap reference, which went over my head. He says Kingston High School was built in a swamp.

Anyway, Jeff Rimack, development engineering specialist for Kitsap County, says, “The development along the road that they are seeing is in relation to a plat called Hidden Meadows that is currently issued and being built.

“The hearing examiner required frontage improvements (e.g. curb,  gutter, sidewalk) as part of the land use,” he said. “The only fill that is occurring in the wetland with this development is for the approach road to the development. The houses, streets, play areas etc. for this development, are all located outside of the wetland.

“There are areas that infringe on the wetland buffers a bit, but in accordance with code and the hearing examiner’s decision, they are doing buffer averaging for those areas and adding buffer along other parts of the wetland to maintain the buffer,” Jeff said.

I guess it will be comparable to Madeline Woods just north of there, with the housing accessed by a road through what probably is wetland.

One thought on “Central Valley Road project creates curiosity

  1. Oh how I wish I could walk on Petersville Rd and Sanders by myself or with my dog without being run over by speeders or people not paying attention of walkers. It’s dangerous. Please, Citi of Bremerton and Kisap County, I am not the only walker. Some of the buses and motorcycles are speeding also.

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