Promised Chico Way repaving yet to happen

The in basket: Ian MacKenzie writes to followup on a Road Warrior column from last October regarding Chico Way in Central Kitsap.

“At that time, Sam Watland commented on the recent substandard patching of Chico Way that had just occurred,” Ian noted. “Doug Bear at Kitsap County Public Works indicated it was only prep work for a scheduled asphalt overlay of Chico Way that was to occur in late spring or early summer of 2015.

“Well, we are about at the end of summer 2015 and there is no indication that this new asphalt overlay is going to take place. In fact, they even re-striped the existing roadway that is still riddled with all the bad patching that took place last fall. What happened to the plans?”

I asked about it, noting the electronic signs on Lund Avenue in South Kitsap, which also got dig-outs (also called full-depth patching) last year, that say Lund will be repaved beginning Aug. 31. I asked if both are examples of a prep-now, pave-later approach.

The out basket: The Chico Way plans have changed, said county Road Superintendent Jacques Dean, and the paving there now is scheduled for 2016.

“It is common practice for us to maintain our roadways in this fashion,” he said. “Prior to a scheduled resurfacing of either asphalt overlay or chip seal, deteriorated areas are repaired, by either one or a combination of full depth patching, pre-leveling, crack sealing, fog sealing, etc.

“If we fail to complete this preparation work prior to resurfacing, the underlying deficiencies will soon reflect back up through the new road surface, defeating the purpose of the maintenance work.

“Most typically, resurfacing work is completed immediately following the preparation work during the same year.  Sometimes the preparation work is completed a year or more in advance.  This is usually dictated be weather, work windows and/or availability of equipment and crew.

“Both Lund Avenue and Chico Way were littered with areas of significant alligator cracking and potholing.  These deficiencies needed immediate attention to preclude further, and expanding deterioration.

“On Lund Avenue, it was our intent to complete an asphalt overlay immediately following the preparation work. We were not able to accomplish this work due to the onset of inclement weather, and as such, the overlay was rescheduled for this year.

“The preparation work on Chico Way was completed in advance of a planned overlay that will be completed by a contractor through a grant-funded County Road Project (CRP) in 2016.  This project was originally scheduled for 2015, but was rescheduled for 2016 due to a robust CRP schedule in 2015.”

2 thoughts on “Promised Chico Way repaving yet to happen

  1. Maybe this the same excuse for leaving Perry Ave. in such poor condition. Must be waiting for the fall rains to be able to put it off even longer.

  2. Sorry to hear that Port Orchard had such inclement weather this Summer, we have had such beautiful weather here in Silverdale all Summer long. I think it is time for new planning and management in Kitsap County Public Works Dept.

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