Ramsey Road gets its left-turn lane from Sedgwick

The in basket: I noticed that men and equipment have widened Sedgwick Road at and on either side of Ramsey Road in South Kitsap. It has the look of the first step in putting in a left-turn lane.

Property owners in that area couldn’t persuade the state to make a turn lane part of the safety project it did on Sedgwick a few years ago. I asked the state if that’s what’s happening now.

The out basket: Yes, but not on the state’s dime. The turn lane was made a condition of the approval of the big new fitness center on the corner of Sedgwick and Ramsey, says Mark Dorsey, Port Orchard’s public works director.  Ramsey also has been widened substantially to make room for what appears to be a right turn lane onto westbound Sedgwick.

Other road work is planned in that area, Mark said, a condition of the approval of a housing development near Blueberry Road’s intersection with Ramsey. There are improvements planned for both Ramsey Road and Blueberry Road, he said, for both cars and pedestrians. They will include a left-turn lane onto Blueberry from Bethel Avenue, he said.

One thought on “Ramsey Road gets its left-turn lane from Sedgwick

  1. Are there any similar plans to accommodate the increased traffic from the housing development being built near the intersection of Philips Road And Sedgwick Rd (SR 160)?

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