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4 thoughts on “Washington Avenue lane reduction is under way

  1. The toe cut back was mentioned during the Manette Bridge construction, as a person was concerned that the entrance to the bridge had been moved and the nose would be a hazard.

  2. I had to go to Seattle on Wednesday and what an enormous mess this is. I took the 3 PM ferry home and hopped on bus 22 that will drop me at the park and ride. It took >10 minutes to get 3 blocks. I heard bus drivers on the radio saying they had been sitting at the ferry terminal not moving the entire time because of traffic. It seems like every decision they make about roads in Bremerton is designed to choke traffic and cause jams. Every 4 lane road they’ve reduced to 2. Every light they’re removed in exchange for stop signs. Every right-turn only lane they’ve removed to make more parallel parking. 6th, 11th, Washington, Pacific, it’s all a huge mess and I dread having to go to downtown Bremerton anymore. Maybe someday we’ll see all these mythical pedestrians? Or more than the half-dozen cyclists I used to ride with every day?

  3. The city is creating traffic bottlenecks to increase revenues from red light cameras near the construction areas. Your tax dollars at work.

  4. The city of Bremerton has created a gridlock problem between the hours of 4:00 pm lasting til about 6:00 pm. Between the ferry off loading and shipyard workers leaving the yard on foot and in cars it is nearly impossible to go any where. I can’t understand how the city engineers would think this would be at all helpful and attract people to the downtown area.

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