New stores will worsen Greaves/Old Frontier, reader predicts

The in basket: Shun Hung Ling e-mails with the latest complaint I’ve gotten about the somewhat unusual intersection of Greaves Way and Old Frontier Road west of Silverdale. About the only problem there he didn’t mention is the visibility of the traffic island where westbound Greaves traffic turns right onto Old Frontier, the most common complaint I get about that spot.

“The signs indicate the traffic on (eastbound) Old Frontier Road heading towards the mall has the right of way,” his e-mail said, “including when they make a left turn to continue on towards Trigger Avenue.

“The traffic on Old Frontier Road heading south must turn left onto Greaves towards the mall or right towards Anderson Hill Road.  The problem here is the two lanes on Old Frontier going south have a stop sign.  The inside car trying to turn left can not see the oncoming traffic when there’s a car in the outside lane trying to turn right.

“When traffic coming east on Old Frontier Road and turning left to continue north has the right of way, they tend to drive somewhat fast and turn left cutting corners, threatening the car wanting to turn left on to Greaves Road.”

Traffic will continue to build with the opening of the new shopping plaza at Greaves and Highway 303, he said, making those problems worse.

He thinks the intersection needs a traffic signal or at least to have the Old Frontier stop signs moved back five or six feet “so both car lanes on Old Frontier heading south can see the traffic coming from their right before they make their turn.

I asked Kitsap County Public Works if any modifications to recognize the increased traffic with the opening of the new plaza are planned.

The out basket: Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, says, “Before developing the Greaves Way project we looked at current and future traffic volumes. The signal at Clear Creek Road was warranted for current volumes, and installed at the time the road was developed.  The then-current volumes did not warrant the signal at Frontier Road.

“We evaluated it using estimated future volumes and a signal was warranted based on growth and future development’s bringing additional vehicle volumes.

“We did install much of the underground electrical system for a new signal at Frontier Road based on that evaluation.  We continue to monitor the traffic volume at that intersection. As it gets close to meeting volume (criteria), we will propose a signal installation as a future project.

“Stop lines for multi-lane stops can be difficult to navigate when traffic occupies both lanes,” he said. “Stop lines at non-signalized intersections are not usually staggered. Motorists tend to stop as close to the intersection as possible, especially drivers that are familiar with the intersection.

“We consider a couple of things when placing stop lines.  They have to be at least four feet behind the nearest line if there is a marked crosswalk.  We mark them as close to the intersection as possible to give motorists better sight distance to see cross traffic.

“We also try to keep them out of shoulders to help protect pedestrians and bicyclists.

“State law states that a driver must stop at the stop line if one exists, but the driver is allowed to move forward after stopping to see oncoming traffic better,” Jeff said.

One thought on “New stores will worsen Greaves/Old Frontier, reader predicts

  1. I live near this junction, and see near accidents nearly every day. This evening there was another collision, though I have yet to see any report of it online. My husband tells me it seemed quite serious, and he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a fatality. The visibility is terrible for any car attempting to turn left onto Greaves for many reasons:

    1. The nicely foliaged island and sidewalk greenery lining Greaves; no trouble when freshly trimmed but a nightmare with a bit of growth.
    2. The right turn only lane that people often realize they are in at the very last moment and then leave abruptly without signaling, heading straight toward a vehicle that is mid-turn.
    3. The small pedestrian island that appears to be a wonderful location for sandwich boards and garage sale signs, the bigger the better of course.
    4. The stop line issues mentioned above.
    5. Currently, the traffic safety signs which are there to alert vehicles turning right from Greaves onto Old Frontier of the roadside construction happening at the new Montessori school. The first day the signs were erected they were placed in the gutter/bicycle lane. I tried to alert the construction crew that they were a severe visibility block and a hazard but I was ignored. In the end I resorted to calling the sheriff’s office to file a complaint, and the signs were moved into the sidewalk border.

    This intersection needs to be addressed promptly.

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