When BPD cars are seen in Navy Yard City

The in basket: Greg Marshall of Belfair has a question about police patrols in the Navy Yard City area just outside the Bremerton city limits.

He spent a lot of time the past winter remodeling a house that had been in his family for many years, he said, and saw a lot of Bremerton police cars. He grew up there and it was always Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office that patrolled back then. He wonders if something had changed to explain it, whether they write tickets there and where the money goes, if so.

The out basket: “Nothing has changed,” replied Bremerton police Lt. Pete Fisher. “That is KCSO jurisdiction and no, we do not get reimbursed if we respond there for a call.  Our officers do not write tickets there, but if they did, the tickets would be written into (Kitsap County) district court.

“If we are in that area, it would be to look for a suspect in a Bremerton crime, or to assist KCSO at their request,” he said.

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