Yes, it can be worth it to propose a road improvement

The in basket:  Each year about this time, Kitsap County Public Works asks for citizen nominations for future road projects to be considered for the six-year road improvement plan that will be adopted in December. The plan to be adopted this year will cover 2016-21.

I wondered if this request is just eye wash, a nod toward citizen involvement, the holy grail of local governments the past couple of decades.

The out basket: Jim Rogers, transportation planner for the county, said 15 of the 58 projects in the 2015-20 plan, which can be see online at, were citizen-initiated. That includes the top priority project, paving 2,400 feet of Hansville Road’s shoulders between Ecology and Eglon roads in North Kitsap this year.

Most of the 15 are shoulder improvements to be done by county employees rather than contracted out.

The others Jim listed, with their priority ranking and year to be done, include:

– This year’s $2 million roundabout and shoulder paving at and near Holly Road at Seabeck Highway (8 –  2015)

– More Hansville Road shoulder paving between Eglon and Twin Spits roads (16 – 2016),

– Widening the intersection of Widme and Totten roads  in North Kitsap to benefit truck movements (19 – 2016),

– Sidewalks  on both sides of Fairgrounds Road between Central Valley and Nels Nelson roads (26 – 2017)

– Paved shoulders on Suquamish Way between Hyak Lane and Division Avenue (27 – 2017 )

– Paved shoulders on Chester Road and Madrone Avenue in Manchester (36 – 2018)

– Paving shoulders and improving drainage on Beach Drive in South Kitsap between Daniels Loop and Jessica Way (37 – 2018).

– Six-foot paved shoulders on Sidney Road in South Kitsap from the Port Orchard city limits to just past Lider Road (38 – 2018).

– Paved shoulder on Alaska Avenue in South Kitsap between Mile Hill Drive and Madrone Avenue (40 – 2018).

– Paved shoulders on Island Lake /Road between Gallery Street and Camp Court (41 – 2018)

–  Paved shoulders on Anderson Hill Road in Silverdale for about 100 yards on both sides of the Frontier Place roundabout (42 – 2018).

– Add traffic lights and turn lanes at Nels Nelson and Bucklin Hill roads (52 – 2019)

– Building right-turn lane on southbound Hansville Road at Highway 104 (55 – 2020)

– Paving shoulders and resurfacing of Seabeck Highway between Gross and Newberry Hill roads (57 – 2020).

If you have a road project you’d like to nominate, you can do it online at

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