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3 thoughts on “Transit buses and their Highway 305 backups

  1. You know I do not believe that the Transit buses are the real cause of the traffic backups heading towards Bainbridge Island or even Kingston for that matter. It is the locals who head out that way who slow down the most traffic. You know I am pretty sure that there are laws that state cars are supposed to use pullouts if there are 5 cars behind them. But no one ever uses them. I travel to both BI and Kingston on a daily basis and unless I am in front I am usually traveling anywhere from 40-45 mph the whole way if I am closer to the front and even slower if way in the back of the pack. Usually because some local wants to drive under the speed limit and then that causes a car to either tailgate them and then that driver will brake check them or the following driver will slow down and it creates a ripple effect to the following cars. So the bus only runs out there a few times a day and while the bus drivers first concern is their passengers and being safe and if that means they block traffic to make sure of that then so be it. I just kind of look at it as what goes around comes around. Because what the buses do every once in a while, the people who live out there do it all the time. I know that I probably sound like a jerk, but when one sits out at the ferry landings and hear the complaints of people who are traveling on those roads saying I cant believe we drove so slow to get here, all I would like to say is, that is the norm. The state dont set the speed limit the locals do, so yes you drive slow.

    1. I have been behind those drivers that insist on driving anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour and it’s frustrating because if you honk your horn to wake them up ( or jar them from their cell phone conversation) they just slow down even more. Is there a phone number that we can call to report these drivers ? Perhaps a warning ticket to some of these drivers would be all that it would take.

  2. Motorists “are unaware of the law requiring them to yield to transit buses (RCW 46.61.220).”

    I wonder what a bit of enforcement would accomplish?

    I wonder if those who complain give thought to the number of single occupancy vehicles take off the road or the traffic breaks that those obstructing busses provide.

    And, by the way, the ‘captcha’ question answer is “yes”. “Is water a solid or a liquid?” Water is a gas, liquid and a solid.

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