Highway 308 cross-hatching just means, ‘Don’t drive here’

The in basket: I’ve wondered for years about a row of double diagonal lines, created by small white raised pavement markers, commonly called turtles, alongside Highway 308 in North Kitsap. They are between the on-ramp and off-ramp from 308 to Highway 3 and extend only part way from the westbound driving lane to a concrete wall that’s part of the overpass bridge. I don’t recall seeing them elsewhere.

What message are they intended to convey, I asked.

The out basket: They simply denote that that area is not part of a lane, so aren’t to be driven on, state officials told me.

“Whenever there is empty pavement, it will get used unless it is clear to drivers that it is not supposed to be driven on,” they said.

I don’t know who would want to drive on them anyway. There is nowhere to go and any car traveling there would conflict with traffic coming off Highway 3 on the off-ramp. I guess the diagonal lines just underscores that fact.

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