Getting one’s Discover Pass when renewing license

The in basket: A Poulsbo reader writes, “Somewhere I had read that folks could now have two vehicles on the Discover Pass, and that a purchaser could choose the month of the Discover Pass activation date.

“So, last year I went online (as usual) to DOL to renew car tabs and was pleased to notice that a Discover Pass could be purchased in the same transaction. One-stop shopping.

“There was no mention on the initial website screens of activation-month choice or of the two-vehicle option. I figured ‘Well, it will show up at the end of this process, or I’ll get an email or snail-mail later which will provide the choices.’

“It didn’t happen,” Don said. “My new tabs came in the mail, and the Discover Pass started concurrent with the tabs, and with no second vehicle option included or mentioned.

“Can you tell me how to accomplish online the one-stop shopping to include a second vehicle on the Discover Pass, and for choosing the month of the Pass activation?”

The out basket: Brad Benfield of the Department of Licensing and Angela Harper of state parks tag-teamed this one.

“Folks can indeed purchase a Discover Pass when they renew a vehicle,” said Brad. “The purchase information is passed along to Washington State Parks and they finalize it and mail the pass to the customer. I’m pretty sure that all passes they currently issue must allow the use of two vehicle license plate numbers, but I have not heard of the ability to choose the month of activation,” he said. “Last I spoke to my State Parks contacts, they were issuing passes activated at the time of purchase.” Then he referred me to the parks people.

Angela said, “When anyone purchases their Discover Pass when they renew their license tabs, the Department of Fish and Wildlife fills the order.

“All Discover Passes now have the availability of writing two license plates on them. Even if there was only one line on the pass, two licenses written in would be honored.

“For a person to select a start date on the Discover Pass they would do so through the on-line Discover Pass website at  or toll free 1-866-320-9933,” she said. That site also has a Frequently Asked Questions area that may be helpful

As an aside, I, too, still say I’m renewing my license tabs, even though only one tab has been needed and provided for years. I wonder how long it will be before common parlance catches up with that reality.

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