New Silverdale restaurant access worries reader

The In Basket: Shireen Kennedy of Kingston e-mailed to say, “I hope you can help to illuminate the situation regarding access that will be used when the new Oak Tree restaurant is built in Silverdale.

“It appears that the new location will be on Mt Vintage Way at the end of the road. There is currently a senior apartment complex located at the end of this road.  There is also a couple of medical clinics as well just past Target.

“It appears that there is an easement through the parking lot of Mt Vintage Apartments. It concerns me that this parking lot may be used for the entrance of the new restaurant facility.

“My mother lives at these apartments so I visit this area at least once a week.  It does not make sense that a road will be going through a senior apartment building’s parking lot.  I see a major safety concern here for residents. Many residents walk their dogs in this area. Also some residents use this path with their electric wheelchairs. ”

“Can you verify for me how the city plans to provide adequate access and egress for the restaurant?

The out basket: It’s actually the Oak Table Cafe, and Kitsap County, not a city, has planning jurisdiction.

The restaurant’s site is being carved out of the hillside just northwest of the senior citizen complex, a major earth-moving feat for an eatery that describes itself as a breakfast and brunch restaurant.

Ross McCurdy, who is having the new cafe built along with wife Nicole to relocate one by the same name they operate in Kingston, said that earth work was factored into the selling price of the parcel, making it a viable site for a restaurant that will close at 3 p.m. each day.

Shawn Alire, development services and engineering supervisor in Kitsap County’s Department of Community Development tells me, “Mt. Vintage Way and the easement are private and Kitsap County has no jurisdiction over who uses these roads, but the access was reviewed for emergency vehicle access requirements prior to approving the development permits.

“A 20-foot unobstructed drivable surface is required and was shown for the development,” he said. “The Oak Table restaurant drive does not pass through the senior apartment complex parking lot but does access at the most northwestern corner of the site. The easement runs along the northern side of the parking lot and on a side note…the easement/access is owned by the Oak Table property and the senior housing complex uses the easement.

“Safety improvements for pedestrians proposed by the applicant include a sidewalk and crossing areas within their development.”

Ross says their driveway will be less steep than Mt. Vintage Way and will meet applicable slope restrictions. Construction is about to begin and he hopes for a May opening. It will seat  135 and employ about 40.

It will be the highest building in Silverdale, he said, and have a great view. He expects residents of the senior apartments to find it a real plus, not a traffic problem.

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