Why a four-way stop at Pacific and 11th in Bremerton?

The in basket: Richard Symms of downtown Bremerton writes, “At the Bremerton intersection of 11th and Pacific Avenue, there is an ‘all way’ stop so every car must stop at that intersection. The question I have is WHY?

“There must be at least 20 vehicles (probably more) going westerly toward Warren Avenue for every vehicle on Pacific at that intersection. Why not just stop signs for Pacific?  Is it because Pacific is a signature street now that it is rebuilt and part of the new Bremerton look?

“Well,” Richard concluded, “Pacific Avenue is a beautiful street, for sure. :>)

The out basket: Gunnar Fridriksson, managing street engineer for Bremerton said an engineering study done by consultant Parametrix in 2013 considered the issue at Pacific Avenue’s intersections with both Sixth and 11th streets. It found that at Sixth Street, where signals also were removed, it needed to be a four-way stop while 11th Street’s intersection could be either a two-way or four-way stop – now.

But as such studies usually do, it also looked 20 years ahead,  and found that in 2033, getting onto or across 11th on Pacific would be too difficult if 11th were free flowing.

And rather than wait until that happened and require drivers to stop where they hadn’t been used to stopping, the city put the stop signs on 11th now.

Actually, I think  2033 already is here for about half an hour in the afternoon commute.

Then traffic backs up out of sight at the westbound stop signs on both 11th and Sixth. That might seem like an argument for letting the traffic flow on those two streets, but if none of those vehicles had to stop, vehicles at the Pacific Avenue stop signs would wait forever for a break  in traffic to get across or onto the west-east streets.

And as annoying as it may be in the crawl on 11th to get to and across Pacific, any time saved if the stop were removed probably would be eaten up  by the wait at the upcoming Park Avenue and Warren Avenue stop lights.

“And thank (Richard) for the compliment,” Gunnar added in conclusion. “We think the same and the street looks far more appealing and is more useable and friendly than before.”


One thought on “Why a four-way stop at Pacific and 11th in Bremerton?

  1. I’m curious as to why any stop signs are needed. People seem to just run these stops signs anyway. If Bremerton wants to get some extra money, just have a cop (or maybe three or four of them) sitting out of sight around the corners at Pacific and 4th, 5th, 6th, and any other numbered street when the ferries arrive about 4:30 or so. That is, of course, if the definition of stop as defined in Bremerton really means stop. If it means slow down and slide through the sign while cutting off someone else from running the stop sign, then maybe we’re OK here and nothing further needs to be done.

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