Power outage provision at new SK signal won’t include generators

The in basket: Doug Pinard is concerned about the new traffic signal being installed on Mullenix Road at Phillips Road in South Kitsap when the lights go out.

He lives in that area, he said, and “it’s very prone to power outages.”  The intersection is not well lighted and drivers will have trouble seeing that there is a signal there when the power is out, he said. He asked if the lights will have backup generators.

The out basket: Backup generators at traffic lights are rare. The only one I know of in the county is at the single point interchange in Silverdale where highways 3 and 303 meet. So I wasn’t surprised when Kitsap County officials said none are planned at Mullenix and Phillips.

They will be bordered in a reflective gold color, which is the accepted provision for power outages. In fact, the signal heads have been mounted already on the cross bars and they have the border.

The intersection will be better lighted when the lights are on. The signal poles have street lights atop them and I spotted at least one additional street light there. That won’t help when the power’s out, of course, but the reflective borders will.

One thought on “Power outage provision at new SK signal won’t include generators

  1. It does not really matter if the lights are on during a power outage, because most of the time drivers are so distracted that they just go through a light anyways. As someone who recently was on the HWY 3 and 16 road project and was on Sedgwick when those lights were either on blinking red or just running regular cycles. I would watch people just drive right through the light. Alot of times with a state trooper sitting right at the light monitoring the intersection. So whether it is Sedgwick or Mullinex, (which we was on also doing little stuff) drivers are oblivious to the lights. People know that there is a light there on Mullinex and when there is a power outage well the entire lighted intersection does not go out just the lights. So if the power is out and you know where the lights are just use caution and common sense. Basic drivers ed (which most people forget) is all that it takes.

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